‘Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen’ episode 3: Sam Talbot, BJ Smith square off in leftover duel

Top Chef -Following tonight’s new episode of “Top Chef,” we had a chance to see what was ultimately a redemption tour for one BJ Smith. He felt that he lost a lot of momentum over the course of the season, and he really didn’t get a chance to get his legs under him.

The funny thing that we saw from him during tonight’s “Last Chance Kitchen” is that he was almost a completely different person: He was enthusiastic, relaxed, and just seemed to be happy to be in there making his food. If we were thinking about this strategically, he probably over-corrected a little bit from cooking to impress the chefs to cooking what he does best. The theme here was to use Christmas leftovers to create a great dish, and he did that — the problem was that he was defeated slightly in the creativity department by Sam Talbot, who managed to reinvent the green bean casserole and make it into something very new. Tom Colicchio doesn’t even like green bean casserole, and this was enough to win him over.

Like we said, we feel for BJ given that we really just think that he ran into someone here who is on course to be a steamroller the next few weeks — Sam’s likely frustrated that he got sent home so early as a returning chef, and wants to figure out a way to execute some sort of revenge in “Last Chance Kitchen” for it. Had BJ done a little better in the competition and found a way to have this sort of spirit, he probably would’ve lasted a little bit longer.

So far, the only three chefs officially eliminated from the season are all newbies — raise your hand if you’re surprised by that. (We imagine that nobody is raising their hand.)

For some other news when it comes to “Top Chef,” be sure to head over here for our full review of tonight’s installment. (Photo: Bravo.)

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