‘Project Runway’ winner, new ‘Great American Baking Show’, ‘NCIS’ facing shake up?

Project Runway -

It’s Thursday and many people are heading out of town for the holidays. Live video shots from TV stations showcase the local airports full of long lines and honking cars. There are even longer lines at the local store. Yet, if you are looking to relax consider tonight’s new episode of “The Great American Baking Show.” You might be thinking about delight treats and asking yourself if you’d rather have custard or meringue? Offering up a new episode of baking, tonight the spatula is thrown down (and a kitchen torch is picked up) to make some amazing desserts.

Zendaya joins ‘Project Runway’ judging panel to pick season 15 winner

It’s really hard to believe that “Project Runway” has been on the air for 15 seasons! The popular fashion show on Lifetime has offered viewers a look at some amazing fashion and a few flops too. On Thursday night the judges once again will pick their favorite fashion designer for the conclusion of season 15 and joining them will be Zendaya! A fashion icon in her own right, she definitely will offer her focus of fashion on the show too.

NCIS’ series shake up? 2017 might have a new leader in series

Fans of the “NCIS” franchise are wondering how the series will return in 2017. The stories of the characters on the three shows continue, but the viewers have seem to shift on their favorite program. The top spot for the three shows in the series has always been “NCIS” but it looks like that might switch with the increase of interest in “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Even beating “Walking Dead” in certain demographics a couple times, it seems 2017 might define the show series even further. And do you know what would be super cool? If all three series came together in an epic USA manhunt with a trio-show crossover connection.

Football or movies? A Christmas Day tradition

On Christmas day families around the country will be enjoying a big meal and sharing time together. Of course, there will be a TV involved too. Most gatherings include an afternoon or evening program to enjoy (and decrease the chatter of the relatives). Many families plan the programming in advance and it has become a yearly tradition. It begs to ask what do you watch? The two biggest options are football or movies. But this year binge watching is a possibility too.

And Finally… ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is on again.

Is it ever possible to see “A Charlie Brown Christmas” too many times? I certainly hope not! The Charlie Brown TV classic show is on ABC tonight and if you’re thinking it has been on before this season, you’d be right. With so much interest in the Peanuts program, the show will be enjoyed once more (and nobody will be complaining.)

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