‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7: What Steve, Danny, Kono, and others want for the holidays

Hawaii -The seventh season of “Hawaii Five-0” is in the midst of a holiday hiatus, and while we know that not everyone out there on the show is having the best time right now (see: Chin), we thought that we could still do our part to hand out some holiday cheer!

With that in mind, consider us to be Luau Santa for this article as we try to pass along some gifts to our favorite characters at the Five-0 — and of course also a Hanukkah gift for Max. This is part of our ongoing holiday series, and is designed to be every bit as silly as it probably seems on the surface here.

Steve – Let’s face it: He really just wants Danny’s car.

Danny – In turn, Danny wants Steve to get his own car so that he can drive his again. Can Luau Santa go and get a Lexus from one of the commercials with a giant red bow and stick it in front of McGarrett’s place? It may not be his style, but he can always go and trade it in for something else. (Sort of destroys the holiday spirit, but whatever.)

Grover – Probably a never-ending avalanche of Hawaiian shirts. He pulls them off better than anyone. (If we lived in Hawaii, we’d probably dress like Grover 99% of the time.)

Kono – Can you wish for something abstract? If so, Kono’s probably wishing for a year where nothing terrible happens to either her or Adam. Haven’t they suffered enough? Granted, we say this now and in about four months we’re probably asking for the Luau Easter Bunny to come and bring Kono a crazy action episode.

Chin – If we’re getting super-meta here, he probably wants Angus MacGyver to fly out and help the team bust him out of the cartel’s captivity. Consider this a not-so-subtle hint that the “MacGyver” – “Hawaii Five-0” crossover writes itself and we’d watch it about 25 times.

Max – If we were going to get even MORE meta (and if the character had somewhat of a time machine), we’d say that Max wants the best send-off possible on the other side of his Hannukah celebration. Maybe we’re just substituting Max for us as a viewer at this point.

All “Five-0” viewers – Season 8. Need to say more?

For some more serious “Five-0” news, including a preview for the next new episode in January, head over to the link here! (Photo: CBS.)

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