‘Billy on the Street’ brings back Debra Messing to hilarious results

Billy -Billy Eichner is a national treasure, and today, he opted to give just about everyone out there one of the greatest Christmas gifts possible: A holiday edition of one of the greatest “Billy on the Street” games in “It’s Debra Messing, You Gays.” The rules here are pretty simple: He takes the “Will & Grace” actress around and shouts her presence at various people. Some are really excited, some are clearly annoyed, and others are quite frankly confused.

regardless of the opinion of the people who run into Billy, we do think that one sentiment is the same: The second video is almost as funny as the first one. It’d probably be every bit as funny if there was the element of surprise to it. (Fun fact: The very first “Billy on the Street” video that we ever watched was the first edition of “It’s Debra Messing,” so it permanently has a place in our heart.)

If there is one other thing about this new video that probably makes it even funnier, it is that Messing and Eichner are both dressed for the holiday season despite the fact that it was likely many weeks ago when this was filmed. Granted, it had to be at least fall given that everyone is still wearing various sorts of winter garb.

there’s not too much else to say about this video right now other than that we do find it funny, and hopefully, it serves as a random bit of holiday cheer for everyone out there. Why go to the store and watch people screaming at each other when you can shop on Amazon and watch Billy do all of the screaming instead?

Hopefully, Billy and Debra team up and do another one of these in the future — maybe when there is a “Will & Grace” revival series? We’re going to keep crossing our fingers for that one. (Photo: TruTV.)

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