Tony / Ziva, Castle / Beckett, Clarke / Lexa, and other 2016 TV pairings we’ll miss

We’re at the end of they ear, and of course with that comes some reflection — even in the form of some prominent TV pairings.

What we’ve done in this article is single out some of the most prominent couples from the past year, at least in terms of impact, and do our best to lament what we’re going to miss about them now that, one way or another, they’re gone from our screens. In some cases, the show ends; in others, a character dies or the series simply finds a way to move on. It’s not always easy, but hey, nothing lasts forever in the world of TV.

Tony / Ziva, “NCIS” – In some ways, Ziva wasn’t a part of the show this year given that Cote de Pablo never actually showed her face on “NCIS”; yet, at the same time she was a huge factor in the story that led to Tony DiNozzo leaving the team, as it was revealed that she had a daughter that he never knew about. We’re still wanting to believe that maybe she faked her own death and is out there somewhere. Never let go of hope!

Clarke / Lexa, “The 100” – They produced some of the most powerful moments on TV of the year, and Lexa’s death certainly generated more of an uproar than almost any other character death of the year. This is still a hard one to look back at just because it was so emotional and there is still such a sentiment around it. We just hope that the show finds a way to preserve her memory in 2017.

Callie /  Arizona, “Grey’s Anatomy” – Even though they weren’t together for most of the year, this was one that we hoped would eventually come back together. Alas, that hasn’t happened, and the two are now on different sides of the country. We’re not giving up on them, but at the same time they seem to be in very different places in their lives now, and each one of them has another love interest.

Masters / Johnson, “Masters of Sex” – Thanks to Showtime canceling the show, we’ll never get a great sense of what married life could’ve been like for these two characters, which is certainly a shame given that they had just gotten to this particular part of their lives. Kudos to Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan for their tremendous performances throughout as we got to know Bill and Virginia better.

Castle / Beckett, “Castle” – We’ll contend likely to the end of time that ABC didn’t do these two justice over the final season, in between the separation and the different dynamic with her as Captain. With that in mind, we’ll remember them more for the great years when things were funny, charming, super-romantic, and sweet. We’ll always have some of those moments to look back on.

What are some of the TV pairings from the past year that you’ll miss one way or another? Share now in the comments below!

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