‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will model / business owner Corinne Olympios be controversial figure?

Corinne -We learned a rather long time ago that it’s not necessarily a great idea to label someone on “The Bachelor” as a villain before the season started, just because first impressions can be wrong. With that said, there’s clearly something about Corinne Olympios that is going to be worth watching this season through the lens of someone like an Olivia; after all, Chris Harrison himself said the following about her to Yahoo! in his recent “women to watch” article:

“Corinne, a very attractive business owner, is very interesting, well-off, and successful. She runs her parents’ multimillion-dollar company. She definitely approaches The Bachelor process with a business boardroom attitude. [She has] that ‘didn’t come here to make friends, take no prisoners’ attitude. She is there to close the deal, and that can be off-putting to the women she has to live with. There are two things I am interested to see with Corinne: One is, there’s this odd side to her that is very endearing, almost in a Michelle Money way. Like remember how Michelle would rub people the wrong way but you couldn’t help but love her at the same time? This is the same sort of thing. I will be interested to see where the fans fall on her. I think they will either think she’s the devil or they will love her a lot.”

It’s fair to view a lot of the rest of this article through this particular lens.

Age – 24. Given her job description, it’s actually rather interesting that she is that young.

Occupation – While she’s listed as “business owner,” we get the sense that she is in part looking at this show as a chance to further build an entertainment brand. She’s got a modeling profile and is listed as a model / actress on LinkedIn.

Location – She’s originally from Miami, Florida, but the aforementioned page indicates that she is now out in Los Angeles.

Things to know – It’s great that Harrison gave us so much further context on who she is for this upcoming season, given that otherwise we wonder if she would’ve come across as rather boring based on her bio alone. The only things we find super-interesting about what she has there is that she’s already lasered off several tattoos, and that she finds Chicago to be the most romantic city — that could be important given that Nick Viall does have some Chicago ties, even if he is from Wisconsin and currently lives in Los Angeles, also doing work within the entertainment industry.

How is she actually going to do? – If we’re reading the tea leaves from Harrison, odds are she makes it at least a few weeks since there wouldn’t be time for this story to develop otherwise. Sometimes, this sort of personality can even win — just look at Courtney from Ben Flajnik’s season. We do think that she’s probably a lock for “Bachelor in Paradise” if she wants it, but if she comes across as this polarizing, odds are that she won’t be the Bachelorette anytime soon.

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