‘Sherlock’ season 4: Benedict Cumberbatch of Watson’s new family, Holmes’ reaction

Sherlock season 3With the fourth season of “Sherlock” inching ever closer to its premiere, one thing that we are seeing more and more of simultaneously is an increase of press pertaining to the show. This includes an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch that was released by the BBC itself, and in it they ask the actor everything from working with a new dog to how Holmes is evolving psychologically.

To us, the most interesting part of this interview comes when Cumberbatch is asked about Watson continuing to move forward with his life and welcoming a child with Mary. In theory, you could envision this as the sort of thing that a man in his position would lament, given that it could potentially take Watson away from spending time on cases or doing some of the work that he is accustomed to. Yet, at the same time you get from Benedict’s quote that his character will be rather refreshingly supportive, and do what he can to help from afar — even if he is not exactly equipped to showcase his feelings towards the couple themselves:

“I think Sherlock feels very protective toward them as a family, but he’s not a natural or a figure of authority when it comes to a newborn. I hope my skills and interaction with my own are a little bit more engaged than his are! He’s seemingly indifferent, which is comic at times but it’s all underpinned with a deep love, and he’s a guardian angel really.”

Given the arrival of Culverton Smith and potentially other threats over the course of “Sherlock” season 4, Watson could need all of the support that he can get — and this family definitely does need to rally together. New episodes of this series are going to begin airing starting on New Year’s Day, and our plan is to have some additional news and reviews for these shows sooner rather than later over at the link here.

Let’s just hope that these episodes of the show once again prove to be worth the rather-long wait we endured in order to be able to check them out. (Photo: BBC One.)

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