The Walking Dead season 7 episode 15 review: Did Negan flip Sasha to the Saviors?

Next week is the The Walking Dead season 7 finale, but before we get there we have to say that we are worried about losing a few more lives to Negan and the Saviors. Who are we most worried about right now? Sasha. When we last saw her, she had locked Rosita out of Negan’s compound and went running into the building looking for him. We know that Sasha wants to avenge Abraham after what Negan did to him, but this is clearly a suicide mission. We still aren’t exactly sure why Sasha and Rosita couldn’t just wait until Rick’s army was in place, but here we are.

Normally The Walking Dead likes to leave cliffhangers like Sasha’s one woman killing spree for another time, but they decided to show us what happened to her… and it’s not good. She’s being held prisoner and one of Negan’s men is trying to trade water for sex, something she’s not willing to do. When he tries to force himself on her, Negan steps in and stops it since this is something he doesn’t tolerate. Negan realizes that Sasha had a bit of a death wish coming in there the way she did, but instead of killing her offers her the chance to join the Saviors after seeing how strong she is. We don’t expect her to take this offer, and Eugene’s incredibly cowardly speech didn’t convince her (or us) that she should. Instead she asks Eugene to get her a weapon so that she can kill herself, because she knows that Negan will force her to go against her own people and while he says that he will consider it, we can see by the smile on her face that she has other plans. Sadly, Eugene decides to not give her a weapon, instead he gives her poison.

The biggest reveal here between Negan and Sasha is that he knows that something is up with Rick and while he may not know everything (or maybe he does) what we do know is that the element of surprise is gone. What Negan doesn’t know is that Dwight has flipped on Negan and is ready to help Rick take the Saviors down. Surprises all around!

Tara has told Rick everything about Oceanside, so now the question is this: Is Rick going to try to convince Oceanside to work with them and give up their guns, or is he going to have to burn them to the ground to get what he needs? Tara leads Rick (and the group) to Oceanside and while they set up outside in case things go sideways (which we expect to happen), she goes in to see what she can work out… and by work things out we mean Tara’s pulling a gun on them to force them to help. While Eugene’s speech went over like a lead balloon, Tara’s speech was a lot more convincing. Unfortunately, Tara’s talk took too long and she wasn’t able to convince Tonya in time before Rick’s group moved in to get their guns. Tonya takes Tara’s gun and is uses her as a hostage, but after Tara and Cindy talk to the other women, Tonya realizes that some of the women want to fight Negan and take their lives back. With Tonya in charge, they are still a community and it’s either they are all in or none can fight, so Rick’s group leaves with their guns, but no fighters.

We expected tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead to mostly be set up for the big battle that will unfold in the season 7 finale next Sunday and that’s pretty much what we got. While Oceanside didn’t join the fight, we are kind of expecting to see them show up in the finale like Gandalf and his army in Lord of The Rings. That being said we don’t actually think that Rick’s group is going to manage to kill Negan as much as everyone wants him to. We are expecting a pretty big cliffhanger next Sunday night – gotta give us something fun to obsess over this summer. Episode grade: B

What do you want to see on the The Walking Dead season 7 finale next week? Leave us a comment below and tell us how you think it’s all going to end.

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