The Walking Dead season 7 episode 14 review: What side is Eugene on?

Things are really starting to come together on The Walking Dead  for anyone who is not Negan as Rick has recruited a fairly sizable army, Tara has likely told him about Oceanside and the guns and Carol, Morgan and King Ezekiel are ready to fight. We know that Negan’s army and his reach is fairly vast, but the other side is fighting for their freedom and with a motivator that large behind them, Negan may not be able to win this.

Of course, one of the big stumbling blocks along the way here is that the other communities still had to find a way to keep things together, and we’re not all that confident with anything at the Hilltop. So long as Gregory is there, you can’t have confidence with a straight face in just about anything that those people have got going on. It’s far too difficult to do so! Gregory’s a snake. We saw that further at the end of the episode when he wasn’t all that interested in helping Jesus.

One of the bigger main events of the episode was the story of Sasha and Rosita, who were starting to push forward towards Sasha’s main goal: Taking out Negan by any means necessary. This means specifically for her figuring out a way to find him and do the job in one way or another. There was a lot of stalling, however, to get to that point. That’s the problem with these episodes sometimes — couldn’t we have had a couple of moments featuring Rick and the rest of the gang rather than all of the buildup here? Did we really need a heartfelt scene with Enid?

What Sasha did discover once she got to her stakeout spot was that Eugene was out doing his job with the Saviors, which had to give her at the very least some pause that he’d turned. It would’ve been great to get more of that, but instead we had a lengthy discussion with Sasha and Rosita about Rosita’s backstory, who she was, and some of what she did. It was nice to hear a little bit of her past and some of her feelings, but at the same time it was almost the equivalent of a Survivor edit where you think someone is about to get voted out at almost any given moment. They agreed to be there for each other, which is probably good given whatever was coming up next.

Overall, the last ten minutes were great

This is one of the biggest problems that the Walking Dead has this season. You’ve got a little bit of good footage, but there’s a lot of slowly-paced filler to get you there. The Saviors taking Dr. Carson from the Hilltop took a long time, and then so did the attempted assassination of Negan.

Within these last ten minutes, we saw Rosita and Sasha try to free Eugene (he wasn’t interested), and it makes you wonder what exactly he’s up to. Is he looking out for himself, or is he really think he’s safer there?

Oh, and we did see Sasha abandon Rosita to take off inside. She wanted Rosita to live, and she absolutely thinks now that this is a suicide mission. It’s painful, but that may be the reality of the situation we’re looking at. Given that cliffhanger, though, you have to wonder just how safe Rosita really is. Grade: B-.

What did you like about The Walking Dead season 7 episode 14? Do you think Rick’s side is going to win the battle against Negan and the Saviors? Leave us a comment below with  your thoughts.

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