‘Scream Queens’ finale, TV with red wine hot chocolate, Tony Bennett special

Scream Queens -

On Tuesday night, if you watch prime time, you might already be reflecting on the past year. We haven’t even celebrated Christmas and the 2016 review shows are already starting. The ABC special, “The Year: 2016” will offer a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. Honestly, on presidential years and years where so many legendary entertainers have been lost, these types of shows should come with an extreme sadness warning label on the bottom of the screen as it’s going to be a sad reflection of the year in review.

Scream Queens’ on FOX: Who’s screaming for the finale?

If you love “Scream Queens” then Tuesday night is your night to be watching FOX. Not only is it a new episode, the screaming will have some conclusions on the season finale. Fans of the this show definitely will be glad to see how things shake out for the final episode of the year.

Red Wine hot chocolate is good for you? With TV it’s even better

In today’s New York Times there is a story on the latest drink that is good for you. A red wine hot chocolate drink is supposed to be healthy and taste delicious. It got me thinking that perhaps the biggest element forgotten should include drinking this awesome concoction while watching a classic Christmas movie. Just in case you haven’t tried one of these healthy drinks, pick up all the ingredients on your way home tonight. A box of hot chocolate packets and some red wine. Make the hot drink and pour in wine. Drink. Being healthy has never been so easy!

What’s shaking with Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ series?

If you’ve heard the rumors about Bravo’s “Real Housewives,” you might need to take a breath. Not sure where the spin started, but there are rumors flying that certain cast members aren’t coming back. It’s always interesting to see the names flying, but then again viewers have to question what part of the gossip is true. I mean, think about it, these ladies have brands selling items and it’s Christmas. If they can start some gossip, viewers remember the connection and might buy a few things. Yep, headlines sell items. As for all the rumors, don’t believe everything you read because the ladies do get paid well to be on the show. Who would want to leave that?

And Finally…. Tony Bennett is honored on 90th birthday

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have heard Tony Bennett. The talented entertainer has provided decades of delightful memories with his music. On NBC Tuesday night, stars and fans come together to celebrate the legend’s birthday on “Tony Bennett Celebrates 90.”The powerhouse lineup isn’t the only reason to tune in, so are the performances of the birthday boy himself. This special sounds like the one not to miss!

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