‘Supernatural’ season 12 spoilers: Bigger stories ahead for Misha Collins’ Castiel

CastielThe twelfth season of “Supernatural” so far has had a lot of different challenges, but one of the biggest ones has been trying to figure out a way to properly balance all of the characters that the show has with the amount of time that is there to include them on the screen. Given that this will always be the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, there are several occasions in which that has shown itself to be rather-challenging, and there is limited amount of screen time in order to figure them all in.

Luckily, it does appear as though this will be changing in part as we move further into the second half of season 12, and it’s especially the case for Misha Collins and his character of Castiel. Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Andrew Dabb makes it clear that we are going to be seeing Alicia Witt (“The Walking Dead,” “Justified”) coming up in the role of Lily Sunday, an old adversary of the character who will be turning up on February 2. Dabb also set up the story for this episode with the following:

“[Castiel] was part of the battalion that was watching Earth. He was the guy that harrowed Hell to rescue Dean Winchester. We established that, and now we’re taking a little twist on it and telling a lost story from his past that involves [Witt’s character].”

Dabb also made it clear that there are going to be two other episodes coming up beyond this one that will put Castiel in the spotlight, and for Crowley fans, we have to assume that something relatively similar is also going to happen there. The appeal that comes out of these characters getting a little bit more time in the spotlight is that it adds more depth in the world, while also giving Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles some time to sleep. Given how these guys are both young fathers in addition to being stars on a long-running show, they shouldn’t have to shoulder the load on every episode.

For some other news when it comes to “Supernatural,” be sure to head over to the link here right away! The show will return from its holiday hiatus next month with some further installments. (Photo: The CW.)

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