‘America’s Got Talent’ video: Heidi Klum ‘falls’ during Sal Valentinetti duet

AGT -Tonight’s “America’s Got Talent” Holiday Spectacular contained a number of great moments, but one of the stranger ones is certainly coming courtesy of the duet that took place between contestant Sal Valentinetti from this past season and judge Heidi Klum.

This entire performance of “Santa Baby” was pretty silly all across the board, from the gingerbread drummer to Klum coming in on a giant candy cane. However, things went to another level courtesy of Klum seemingly falling at one point during the performance following a spin gone awry.

Now, the question that we wonder is this: Was it intentional, or a complete accident? The show did an interesting job leaving that up for interpretation, given that they didn’t really address it after the performance beyond Sal asking if she was okay. Given that this was taped in advance, they could’ve done it again if they wanted to edit this out! If the fall was a completely accident, then we do need to give plenty of kudos to Heidi for being so game to have a little bit of fun with this and not wanting to do any sort of do-ever after the fact.

As for Heidi’s singing voice, we’ll give her a little bit of credit: While we don’t exactly think that she will be winning any Grammy Awards in the near future, we do think that she did a really good job hitting most of the notes of the song and she was serviceable when doing her part. Also, having her do a duet with her most-recent Golden Buzzer pick was inspired in its own way.

No matter what you think about the fall, you can watch it all play out below!

If you want to get some more news when it comes to the Holiday Spectacular, just be sure to visit the link here right now! (Photo: NBC.)


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