‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10: What Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Amy and more want for the holidays

The Big Bang TheoryThe holiday season is upon us, and one of the great things about that for our favorite characters on “The Big Bang Theory” is that with Christmas and Hanukkah coming around the same time this year, everyone’s going to get a chance to celebrate together! While the show didn’t really have a holiday-themed episode this year, it’s delivered some great ones over the course of its run — this time around, we saw Bernadette and Howard get a very different gift in the form of a gift of life. Halley Wolowitz is now a part of this world!

Still, we don’t want to cancel them out on getting any other gifts. In the latest edition of our ongoing series all about gift-giving with some of your favorite TV characters, we’ve got some suggestions for what all of your favorite “Big Bang Theory” characters want or need! Hopefully, these give you some holiday cheer — but we’re not sure any of them are anywhere near as good as Leonard Nimoy’s DNA.

Bernadette – At this point, probably just a night alone — or given what we heard out of Halley at the end of this past episode, some earmuffs.

Amy – This one’s easy. All we have to say is that she wants something from Sheldon, and that she wants it to be on a day that is not her birthday.

Leonard – A new apartment located on the opposite side of Pasadena — or maybe the opposite side of the greater L.A. area. Close enough so that he can see Sheldon and not be commuting for hours, but far enough that he can’t go and pound on his door repeatedly.

Stuart – What do you give to a guy who has everything? That’s a common expression. For Stuart, it’s more like ‘what do you give to a guy who has nothing,’ since this guy is now a glorified babysitter. He needs a love interest, a reasonable job, or friends who actually remember to call him all the time.

Howard – Given that he has an infant and a government project that he’s working on, probably a giant vat of caffeine that he can dunk his head into a couple of times a day.

Penny – A time machine, that way she can make sure that painting with Amy never happened. Plus, it’d be hilarious ironic if on a show full of geniuses, it is Penny who ends up getting the ability to travel through time.

Raj – An insanely-expensive grant that he can use to discover Rajtopia, a new planet that finally gives him some level of scientific achievement. The show mentioned his lack of scientific achievement on the show this past episode, so we hope that this is something they are actually going to explore.

Sheldon – We thought we could make this really ridiculous and list about a hundred different things based on DC Comics, “Star Trek” (would he pay for CBS All Access to watch the new one), “Rogue One,” and various video games. Instead, we’ll make this sweet: He really probably wants a few more minutes with Professor Proton, arguably the real father figure in his life.

Happy holidays, everyone! new episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” start back up in January.

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