‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 10 review: Tyara’s pregnancy overshadows all else

Real World -There is a complicated relationship that exists between “The Real World” as a series and the people who watch it, and we’re not sure that this was ever more clear than on the new episode of the series that aired on MTV this week.

For us watching at home, there is no denying that the event at the end of the night was by far the most compelling: Tyara discovering that she was pregnant. Yet, for her it had to be one of the most emotional experiences of her entire life. She spent the entirety of the season living her life completely unaware that this was going on, and now she has to figure out precisely what she wants to do from here. The baby seems to belong to an ex, given that she never slept with Theo during his time on the season. Now, she’s gotta figure out what she wants to do moving forward, and the closing scene of her being comforted by a producer more so than the cast was all sorts of jarring.

Ultimately, this is not the sort of situation that you tend to see on reality TV in 2017, but it’s ultimately up to Tyara now to make her next decision and we won’t have too much judgment one way or another on that.

Peter’s latest lowlight – Meanwhile, we can continue to pass plenty of judgment on Peter, one of the more frustrating people on the show. When things are going right and he’s getting precisely what he wants, he seems to be one of the nicest, most charming guys out there. When he’s not getting his way, he comes across as a total tool. As soon as things didn’t work out the way that he wanted them to earlier this season with Anna and Katrina, he flipped his lid and all of a sudden, the two sisters were public enemies #1 and #2 in his mind. Later in the episode, he lost his mind over Jenn dancing in a revealing outfit. Sure, you can make your arguments about whether or not her dancing was appropriate, but the way that he went at her in public certainly wasn’t. It felt like he was trying to control her, and making a public showcase of it so that everyone else knew that he was in charge.

Remember, Jenn is the same person who earlier in the episode, went out of her way to throw Peter an elaborate costume-themed birthday party, and gushed about how much she liked him. What’s with this guy? Maybe he’ll watch the show and realize that he cannot always get his way.

For Orlana and Kassius, it’s not happening – Speaking about dancing, Orlana had a harsh realization tonight that despite all of the time that she spent with Kass, he just wasn’t into her and she learned that when he started dancing super-close to someone at the same event where Jenn found herself in hot water.

Unlike with Peter (where we throw most of the blame at him), this time around it’s mixed. Kass should have been aware at least of the possibility that Orlana liked him given the amount of time they’ve spent together; however, she couldn’t be that surprised given that she never told him how she felt, and unless you make that explicit, sometimes you’re setting yourself up to be heartbroken.

Anna, Katrina enter therapy – This was probably one of the most compelling storylines between any of the Bad Blood pairs this season, largely because this was one of the few genuine attempts we saw from two people to get better. It’s clearly something that Theo and Kassius really should have done before things escalated; we’re not sure it’s working given that both sisters seem desperate to control the narrative on who is good and who is bad, but any progress is good progress when it comes to figuring out the source of the problem.

Overall, this was “The Real World” at its most real: Dealing with some conflicts that actually felt personal and not based on any manipulation. The Tyara pregnancy in particular should be interesting to watch unfold both moving forward and potentially after the season if there is an update. Episode Grade: B+.

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