‘Atlanta’ star Keith Stanfield ‘discusses’ Critics’ Choice Awards stage-crashing

Critics -

One of the more bizarre moments of the Critics’ Choice Awards came near the end of the show, where “Atlanta” actor Keith Stanfield decided that he would go up and accept the Comedy Series trophy for “Silicon Valley,” even though he’s got nothing to do with it.

In the video below, you can see Stanfield made the decision to give an “acceptance speech,” which seems to confuse some of the other people in the room, especially since not everyone seems to know who he is. Still, we give everyone on stage credit for keeping their cool and not making a huge deal out of it. They let him come on and say his piece, and then they moved on with the show and with the actual “Silicon Valley” speech.

Below, you can also see Stanfield’s response to the incident, where he refers to him as “not crazy” — not that we thought that he really was anyway. We think that this was obviously a joke, but one that was probably planned to a certain extent. Now, people are talking about him in a way that they weren’t before. That’s the great news that comes out of this; the downside is that he may alienate some awards shows in terms of whether or not they want to invite him back alongside many of his fellow cast members. These are people who can at times be somewhat stingy, and they like to be able to control much of what is going on around them.

Ultimately, there was some good news for “Atlanta” this morning at the Golden Globes, as we saw the show and also star Donald Glover receive nominations.

What do you think about Stanfield’s stunt: Funny, or taking away from someone else’s moment? Share in the comments, and we’ll of course have some more news coming up soon. (Photo: Critics’ Choice.)


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