‘Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown 2016’, Bob Barker’s birthday, ‘Scorpion’ visits tar pits

Coca Cola -The best part of the holiday season is seeing how the holidays are incorporated into TV shows, especially on prime time. On Monday night, the festive programs continue! “The Great Christmas Light Fight” highlights families who take holiday decorating to the highest level. I’m looking forward to seeing the display inspired by Magic Kingdom at Disney World. I want to see if it would have Mickey’s approval.

‘Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown 2016’ reveals the best seasonal ads

The best of holiday commercials will be revealed on CW Monday night. The show is a countdown of the 12 best holiday commercials of all time and they even offer up some great holiday ads from around the world. Typically, Super Bowl commercials are of interest to TV viewers, but this unique twist on holiday themed commercials is worth a look too.


‘Price is Right’ host Bob Barker celebrates 93rd birthday

Bob Barker turns 93 today! The former host of “The Price is Right” hasn’t been on TV every day, but he hasn’t been a stranger after retiring either. He returned to the show for his 90th birthday and he’s been spotted around Hollywood too. Hopefully he is enjoying his special day by taking the day off and not asking what the actual retail price of any product is!

Elf on the Shelf? Or Trump on the Stump?

Jimmy Kimmel on Friday night offered up a hilarious look at a Christmas tradition on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”  What might happen if the holiday tradition of Elf on the Shelf turned into a spying machine called Trump on a Stump? The sketch reflected on political issues combined with a traditional elf. For those folks who despise the elf idea (you know who you are) the idea is funnier for obvious reasons.

And Finally… La Brea Tar Pits highlighted on ‘Scorpion

On Monday night “Scorpion” offers a look at the popular La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles as the team tries to help a woman who gets stuck in the tar and is trapped with a limited amount of oxygen. Yes, it’s fictional. However, if you find this area interesting, you can always check out the tar pits when you visit LA to learn about this sticky substance and all that is found in the goop. It’s a great place to tour and peeking at the tar is cool too.


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