‘Sherlock’ season 4 trailer: Holmes says ‘I love you’ — amidst terror?

Sherlock season 3The fourth season of “Sherlock” is coming up on New Year’s Day, and according to the new trailer below, this one looks particularly chilling. What else can you say after watching it play out in the video below?

In this preview, you can see what looks to be a very powerful season ahead. This is narrated by Toby Jones, who is coming on board as one of the notable new villains in Culverton Smith. While we don’t necessarily think that there are any enormous spoilers dropped in this preview, it does map out a nice picture of precisely what Holmes is going to be up against — and how dangerous it could end up being in the process.

Beyond this preview, most of the finer details about what is coming up remain a mystery, though we’re hopeful that this upcoming batch of episodes will offer up some more insight into everything from the current state of the world to the character relationships and of course the stakes. One of the biggest things to be concerned about right now is John Watson and the state of his new family. His life is now in a very different place than it was during the earlier seasons of the show. He is now facing a much higher degree of stakes, and it’s as a result of that we are forced to question whether or not it was truly worth it for him to go down this road and confront some of these problems. He could be putting his wife or his child in danger because of his own actions!

While Sherlock has steered clear from building some of these same clear attachments over the course of the series’ run, we do have to admit that there is a certain degree of similar danger that he is facing, and will have to watch out for over the course of the coming episodes.

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