‘Shark Tank’ review: DigiWrap gifts, PolyGlide ice, Hand Out Gloves, and Sealed by Santa

Shark Tank -Tonight’s new episode of “Shark Tank” is one stuffed full of wintry products, whether it be gloves or an ice-rink made without ice. You also specifically two ideas that are perfect for the holiday season: One you can use to better communicate with Santa Claus, whereas with the other, you can use it more to personalize your gifts in an exciting way.

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Sealed by Santa – This is a chance for many young consumers out there to be able to receive fun, personalized letters and much more via a certain Jolly Old Elf. Really fun presentation! She’s got the sales to back up her business, and we appreciate the idea that she is trying to figure out other avenues — even if we’re not entirely sure that they will end up working.

We do get conflicted anytime that we do see people get emotional in the Tank, but in this case, it could have been an asset because it showed that she wanted it so badly and for someone who kept up a persona of a cheery elf, she’s really been through a lot. She needed a strong salary in order to make the business work, and that was one stumbling block for the business. We’re not sure that the Easter-themed product will work, but the Tooth Fairy idea is something that could be huge. She had offers from Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec, but ended up going with Lori — probably the right move given that she seemed to be the most on-the-same-page with her ideologically.

PolyGlide Synthetic Ice – The hope here is that this can serve as an adequate replacement for an ice rink, but is it too pricey or impractical for the average consumer? That was the question we had entering tonight’s episode. That fear was confirmed when we learned that it could cost thousands of dollars for people to get even a fairly small rink. There was also one other notable problem: A lack of energy from the entrepreneur. While we don’t think he lacked passion, he didn’t know how to share that passion with the Sharks and didn’t have a killer instinct. That, plus a potentially struggle scaring the product, seemed to mark the company death’s sentence in the Tank. No deal.

DigiWrap – It’s a revolution in gift bags / tissue paper that allows you to cater what you’re giving in a new, unique, and very special way. Basically, they are using techniques that are used for large-scale production and making it viable for short runs. It’s an interesting idea for a company, and the fact that they have a patent for their tissue paper is exciting.

We will say that when it comes to entertainment, this entire presentation was completely ridiculous given that there was such a big to-do made about the fact that we were talking effectively about tissue paper! Yet, we gotta say that we were supremely impressed by the ability of these guys to really negotiate and fight hard for precisely what they believed in with this company, even throwing out a royalty deal for Kevin O’Leary. They negotiated, and Kevin eventually accepted.

Hand Out Gloves – Want to wear gloves without having to worry about taking them off in order to take care of tasks? This seems to be the perfect way in which to do so? The whole idea of these is that they combine comfort and functionality with a zipper that allows you to free up your fingers.

This was a complicated negotiation, but a fun one that ended up with the two guys behind the brand getting a deal with Barbara Corcoran, who had a fun little flirtation going on with the elder of the two gentlemen, who just so happened to be an integral part of Bally’s, one of the most famous gyms out there in America. While the sales aren’t big so far, we do think they’ll get there.

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