‘Blue Bloods’ death rumors, ‘Fuller House’ drops on Netflix, James Corden’s ‘Honest Headlines’

Blue Bloods season 7It’s Friday and the perfect way to start the weekend is to watch a season of your favorite TV show (without commercials of course!) So how do you feel after binge watching? Netflix released some interesting data that sounds realistic. After binge watching a series, over 59% of viewers wait three days to start a new show. While this data might be shocking to some, the viewers in the TV world calls it a mourning period. After watching our favorite programs we need time to digest, reflect and discuss the series before moving on to a new one. As Mr. Spock would say on “Star Trek,” it is a very logical conclusion!

‘Blue Bloods’ rumors swell: Will Frank Reagan die?

“Blue Bloods” fans are stressing out over the latest rumors around the popular show. On CBS tonight the drama continues to include some ripped from headline moments. However, the rumors of what will happen to Frank Reagan has people worried if this show will be cancelled. Tom Selleck hasn’t said anything (nor has the rest of the cast), but the gossip about killing Frank Reagan has fans hyperventilating. Yes, it would be a shame to see this show end. However, since CBS hasn’t offered up any news and the cast hasn’t dropped any hints, viewers need to wait and see. In the meanwhile, Friday’s episode sounds enticing!

James Corden offers ‘Honest Headlines’ on ‘Late, Late Show’

There has been so much hoopla over fake headlines in politics. It has become the buzz phrase for 2017. Now people are questioning everything they read. The comedic bit on “The Late, Late Show with James Corden” offered fans an interesting take on real headlines that ought to be spiced up to really reflect the world. Yes, they are real headlines. However, add a few more power words which have made them HONEST headlines. Or something hilarious to read. Peek at the video to see some creative writing in action!

‘Fuller House’ on Netflix: Fans thrilled to see TV show return

The fans of “Fuller House” might be very busy over the next few days. Netflix drops season 2 on Friday and the story continues as the sitcom from the past has returned (and so has all the fans.) This show has strong viewer support so it’s a safe bet that season 3 is already being planned. Yeah, it’s true that season 2 has barely started, but when a show is popular the viewers want more. Plus with all the famous entertainers guest starring in this season, new viewers are going to want to watch to check out all the action.

And Finally…. Kirk Douglas celebrates 100th birthday

Happy birthday Kirk Douglas! The famous actor turns 100 today and his fans hope he is having a glorious day. The popular star hasn’t been seen in the public over the past couple of years, but his legendary career has touched Hollywood (and the world) in ways that are absolutely amazing. Fans can watch many of his classic movies on TV today on many of the cable networks. The stories are just as wonderful as the day the films were released.

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Photo: CBS

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