‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 9, episode 7 review: Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, and the great rehash

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Last time on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” we saw Mama Joyce taking over the show as she went to a lawyer to get information to use against Phaedra, saying some off-putting things in confessional and trying to get under Phaedra’s skin at a tasting party about the bomb threat. Tonight we are hoping Bravo is bringing the focus back onto the housewives, because as much as we like Mama Joyce, we are here for the main cast.

Ready to rock and roll? Well, here we go with an episode that really took some time to get going before getting a little crazier closer to the end.

Porsha Williams’ mission – We begin here with Porsha, who decided to try out being a mom for a minute by babysitting Phaedra Parks’ kids, which actually went a little bit better than we thought it would given that they eventually fell asleep … despite previously trying to fight with one another. She especially made it clear after this that she wasn’t quite so sure she wanted to do this alone because this was a LOT of work. Seriously. A LOT.

Maybe that made her be a little more grateful for Todd since the two seemed very happy at a family dinner later, and even proclaimed that he loved her — she’s used to being the one to do that more often than not, so she considered this a welcome change.

Sheree Whitfield’s new profession – How about momager? Apparently, her idea of getting Kairo back on the right path revolves around her trying to get him into modeling, at least before Bob turned up and started ribbing him over baby oil. After this little session, Sheree met up with Cynthia Bailey (fresh off of getting big news regarding her lake house) in terms of seeing what she could offer in terms of a career.

Here’s Sheree’s problem for the most part: She’s trying to basically push Kairo to New York Fashion Week after about two photo shoots, which is like throwing a guy in his first year of improv class into “Saturday Night Live” as a featured player. No bueno.

Kenya Moore’s argument aftermath – Remember the blowup with Matt from last week? Well, tonight for her started off with her cluing in her father on precisely what went down there with the broken window.

Now, here comes our frustration. People who break things aren’t exactly normal people, so we’re actually with Kenya’s father here that there’s something really off about the whole situation. Maybe there is “great potential,” but this should be a cause for concern. She wanted to get her father and Matt together to talk some things out, but here’s the problem: Matt didn’t show up. We’re not sure why Kenya thought that this was going to work. Instead, Matt and her father had a really awkward phone conversation where he didn’t want to “entertain” what happened with the window over the phone — yet, he also didn’t want to show up. Eventually there was a conversation and it was … awkward. Basically, let’s not say that Kenya’s dad is a relationship counselor.

Kandi Burruss’ gossip section – This almost concluded our “individual drama” portion of the episode, mostly because of the fact that she had a nice little gossip section revolving around Phaedra Parks and some of the gossip that came out about her with the “bomb threat.” This brings us to Phaedra, who helps to conclude this by giving us a more serious take on what happened. In Kandi’s mind, Phaedra was making this out to be a bigger deal. Meanwhile, Phaedra was trying her best to justify her reaction to it and more. One way or the other, we don’t really care — the show is spending way too much time on this.

In many ways, the conversation between Kandi and Phaedra was set up as the main even for the episode, which says something about how little drama there was in here — the women were barely in the same room with one another! We’re not entirely sure why Phaedra wanted to have this dinner to begin with given that it mostly just consisted of her trying to push Kandi on what Mama Joyce last week. Nothing was accomplished here over a whole lot of SHADE and “feel sorry for me” stories. Ugh. All of a sudden, we’re suddenly wishing for a contrived “Real Housewives” vacation to another place so that these women are forced to reunite and move on.

Overall – This episode could’ve been so much better, mostly because other than with Kenya’s did, almost nothing happened over the course of the episode. Our main event? A regurgitation of this past week with Mama Joyce. We’ve definitely seen better out of this show. Episode grade: C

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