‘Taraji’s White Hot Holidays’, Lions in LA? Problems of the stars, ‘The Great American Baking Show’ bread week

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If you are feeling festive on Thursday night, click around to find more holiday specials. This year viewers are treated to some new shows which very enticing. One I recommend is “Taraji’s White Hot Holidays” airing tonight on FOX. Hosted by Taraji P. Henson the special is packed full of big names. One of America’s favorite characters will be on the show too! Madea (played by Tyler Perry) will be sassy as ever while sharing some Christmas cheer.

Lions in Los Angeles? Will Smith’s home security reveal 200-pound animal roaming

If Will Smith doesn’t report to work in Hollywood, the police should be looking at his security tapes around the house. Will shared on “The Ellen Show” that he has a lion problem at his home near Los Angeles. Not one, but two mountain lions are captured on camera including strolling down his driveway. Calling authorities, the star got professional help for his problem. Hilariously, the solution is simple. Placing a ring of lion urine surrounds his home to keep the wild animals away (it might keep the paparazzi away too.) Check out the video and smile! Normal people don’t have these types of issues, right?

‘Alone’ premiere heads to the wild as contestants go to Argentina

Feeling like you are stuck in Patagonia, Argentina wilderness and don’t know what to do? Well, technically you are not alone, but that’s probably because you will be watching the season 3 premiere of “Alone” on the History Channel. Thankfully you aren’t as bad off as the ten contestants who agreed to be filmed for this show. All by themselves, they are expected to find food, water and keep the predators away. This isn’t your average work day and for viewers at home it’s going to be extremely entertaining.

Is the ‘Notorious’ end near?

On Thursday night fans of “Notorious” will watch what might be the last episode of the show on ABC. Technically, it is the season finale, but buzz around Hollywood is the show is expected to be cancelled. A new fall series, the cast is strong, the story is intriguing, but the viewers didn’t seem to connect to the story. What happens next might not be disclosed for a while. The fate of the series probably won’t be revealed until 2017.

And Finally… It’s Bread Week! (On The Great American Baking Show)

Could you pass the bread please? Could I get another roll? “The Great American Baking Show” Is once again offering up a competition on some American food we love to eat. Yes, we are talking about break week on the show Thursday night. Yes, bread tastes good, but how does it look? Tune in tonight to see sculptures and watch the warm air rise from a golden brown loaf of handmade bread. I sure wish TV sets could offer smells to the viewers!

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