‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 9 review: Theo and Kassius boil over

Bad Blood -At this point, we’re starting to feel almost like “The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood” was created solely for the purpose of looking at Theo and Kassius and their relationship. While everyone else did their best to get along, these two continued to be at odds and it led to the most intense confrontation of the season.

The recent rule of “The Real World” is that if things start to get violent, things end up splitting into different directions. Kassius certainly provoked Theo and he definitely reacted, but the worst part of their situation tonight was that there was zero reason that it needed to happen. The two could’ve just gotten along and everything would have been okay, but instead, they decided for whatever reason that getting to this sort of argument was the better option. They couldn’t keep it together in the interview room together, and they couldn’t keep it together in the house, either.

Eventually, we saw Theo end up going to a hotel as a consequence of the fight, but not before one of the most fascinating moments of the entire season. The two basically were asked the same sort of questions, and in that Theo told producers that he’d rather Kassius stay than himself because he has a child and more of a reason to be there; meanwhile, Kassius continued to bad-mouth him, saying that there was no chance to repair things. Maybe much of this was bluster since Theo initiated the physical aspect of the fight; yet, at the same time, it’s not like either party was an angel. It’s just more fuel for discussion as to acting in the moment versus reality, or even how self-aware Theo was about the presence of cameras.

Here’s the problem with the other stories – After part of this episode was so compelling, we then drifted over to stuff that felt silly and useless by comparison. Take, for example, a fight over Anna and Katrina not attending Robbie’s family dinner, or a debate as to whether or not they should go and watch him DJ. When the sisters did decide to go out and support him, that seemed to be a way to help mend fences.

With a cast this big, there are admittedly some people who are barely even on this show. You go where the stories are!

Back to Theo and Kassius – A producer visited Theo to tell him that they reviewed the tape, and it was clear he initiated the violence. This was enough for him to be sent home, and you could see that the sentiments in the house were somewhat mixed over what happened. While this show was about people trying to patch things up and move forward, the reality based on what we saw tonight was that this is probably only going to push them further apart. Theo feels like his cousin took something else away from him; that’s probably not the right way to think about it since he had a different choice, but it is clear that these sort of situations are not black and white. There are gray areas, and when you throw in family, it is a billion times more complicated.

Overall – In some ways, watching someone get thrown out of the house is commonplace at this point in the show’s run; yet, there is still something compelling about seeing what leads to people getting to this point. It’s sad, but Theo’s gone and you have to move forward. Episode Grade: B-.

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