‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ episode 12 review: Two eliminations; Jay, Adam’s powerful moment

Cast -Tonight, “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” started off with a very key revelation on the part of one Bret LaBelle: he was in some pretty deep trouble. He realized that with Will flipping, the target was going to be on his back. He needed to figure out a way to get some more people on his side, and fast.

With that, he and Sunday smartly went to Adam with an offer: The three of them work together to try to figure out how to eliminate some of the bigger threats in the game. All of this made sense, but given Bret and Sunday’s limited screen time over the course of the season, we were still rather skeptical that this was going to turn into something serious.

Immunity challenge – Jay won his third challenge out of the last four, which means that yet AGAIN this guy is safe. Jay is starting to cross over into Joe Anglim territory given that he’s starting to become such an enormous threat. He’s still got an immunity idol in his possession, too, that he can use down the road.

First Tribal Council – Going into this one, Adam and Hannah found themselves in the driver’s seat — unlike Will, who thought he was. Bret actually did seem to be safe, and their choice was to either get rid of someone in Will who was starting to become threatening, or someone in David who’s been a big threat for a long time. for us, David was the bigger threat simply because both Hannah and Ken were linked to him, and cutting down on those numbers was important.

Yet, this is a complicated game, and there are many allegiances and complications that we don’t even get a chance to see. With that, we didn’t know where the voters were going to go.

First person voted out – Will. Basically, he made a mistake last time by being so public what he was doing. The most ridiculous part of this was Jay referring to himself as the “black plague” after every person who is close to him ends up going home. Adam tried his best to comfort Jay, and you better believe that this is going to play a big role moving into the immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge – Ken won, but what was the most important thing about this challenge was actually what we ended up seeing from Adam. He actually helped Ken win, which immediately frustrated Jay — and it really should have made him concerned that he was going to be a target. Adam did a good job selling this later as a move to keep Dave from winning, but what unfolded from here was really powerful stuff. Adam went to Jay, and told him that he should play his idol. Also, he told someone in the game for the first time that his mother has stage four lung cancer. Given his mother’s own medical history, this bonded the two of them together in a way that they hadn’t been before now. His plan was simple: Have Jay play his idol, and then get David out of the game. Once again, though, the decision seemed to come down to Hannah as to who she wanted to get rid of. Even Sunday’s name came out here and there, mostly because the perception of her was someone who was an easy person to take to the end.

Tribal Council #2 – There were really only three possibilities in Sunday, David, and Jay, with the main question being whether or not Jay would play his idol. He did, but as it turns out, he didn’t need to given that Sunday was the person who ended up going home.

Overall – This was all very entertaining, but we do have to say that we really wish this was another two-hour episode. There wasn’t a whole lot of air time to really explain the moves, and the Sunday vote was only predictable because she didn’t have a lot of screen time. Grade: B.

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