‘Westworld’ season 2: Premiere date possibilities for HBO epic

Westworld -

Tonight on HBO, one of the most-discussed series of the entire fall in “Westworld” is coming to a close; with that, isn’t now the rest time to start looking towards whatever the future for the series may hold?

Let’s start this article by getting out of the way everything that we know for certain about the future of the show, and a lot of that is going to begin with acknowledgment that weeks ago, the network formally announced that they are bringing the series back for another go-around. That means that you can absolutely write off any fears that, for whatever reason, it wouldn’t be coming back. While “Westworld” may have some things going against it (namely, it’s easy to imagine that this is a show that costs a ridiculously huge amount of money to make), the ratings and buzz that it received over the past several months are really second to none.

The biggest asterisk that is out there in terms of the renewal is not knowing precisely when the new batch of episodes will air. Given that there is such a lengthy production cycle for the show — especially in comparison to the majority of the other ones out there even on HBO — there is no guarantee that the show will be ready next fall. It could feasibly be 2018 before the show returns, though a fall 2017 launch probably is something that could still be circled by some out there as a possibility.

One thing that can be assured about this season, whenever it does air, is that it’s going to be very different from the first. This is a series that is looking at adopting some anthology tendencies, at least in terms of a variety of different themes and settings. However, it will also be interconnected in a way that is far more significant than anything that would see on any of those series.

Given that this article is being composed for prior to the finale tonight, it’s certainly possible that there will be more to share later on about the story. The bet way to stay in the world on all things “Westworld” is to head over to the link here right now! (Photo: HBO.)

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