‘Shark Tank’ review: Nomiku, PetPlate, Nootrobox, and InBoard Technology

Shark tank -Tonight’s “Shark Tank” episode is a chance, provided that you love your dog and have money to spend on them, want to find the perfect skateboard and have money to pour into it, or want to improve your cognitive ability and have the financial ability to separate yourself from cash. Money is always a central figure in the show, but considering the huge valuations that some of these companies are interested in taking on Friday night’s new episode, it is probably going to be more of a theme than ever before.

Just like with so many “Shark Tank” reviews before it, this one will be updated live! Refresh the page throughout to get more of our impressions on some of the individual products, and the deals that were and weren’t offered to them.

InBoard – While it may be revolutionary as an electric-powered skateboard, the question here still is whether or not consumers will want to spend more than a thousand dollars on something like this. The product itself is without-a-doubt interesting, and we do appreciate seeing it heavily marketed as an alternative commute for people in California. It’s just hard to buy into when thinking about mass-market trends. What professional over 35 is going to ride this? Also, it’s only useful if your commute is fairly short.

This was marginally competitive, and by that, we mean the negotiation process between the company founders and Kevin O’Leary / Lori Greiner. This all came down to slight alterations in the numbers, but eventually they worked something out! It’s a little bit of a surprise from this perspective, mostly because the market seems to be such a risk.

PetPlate – If you are interested in supporting your pets and giving them as good of a life as possible, this is the product for you. Unfortunately, this was a product that was hard to envision getting a deal just because of the logistics of it. While humans do care about the pets, there is a fundamental difference between caring for them and being willing to pay an inordinate amount of cash to order food for them several times a week. There may be a market for consumers in urban areas, but unless you’re watching this show, odds are you’re not going to hear about this at all.

Nootrobox – This is a series of supplements that you can use to enhance your concentration, ability, focus, and so much more. Specifically, they went into the Tank with a coffee-inspired “cube” that would provide some of the same benefits amplified in a slightly different form. Their issue first and foremost was the valuation, which to be frank was insane. This was the biggest valuation in the HISTORY of the show. They also compared themselves to Apple at some point.

As for their second issue, they were terrible at explaining what their product was. They may be great researchers and scientists, but at the same time, they were not salespeople. They didn’t communicate well to the Sharks, and in turn America.

Nomiku – Cooking products have a reasonable success record in the Tank, but this one is a little different given that not every viewer out there will be familiar with the sous vide technique.

In the end, never underestimate the value of a good meal. Chris Sacca appeared to be on board with the idea of Nomiku based first and foremost on the quality of the food that he tasted; that was enough for him to spring forward with an offer, and it was one that was scooped up after a small bit of negotiation. The long-term issue here may come via the contingency, since it requires that some original investors be whittled down in terms of their percentage share.

Overall, the theme of this episode is that many of these producers are very interesting; yet, at the same time, it’s difficult to see any of them as runaway success given either the price or the category they are in. Nomiku may have the best  shot, but some people out there will have their eyes roll into the back of their head when they hear the words “sous vide” said out loud.

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