‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 2, episode 7 review: Are the Dominators done?

Invasion -

So far, the biggest weakness of the Monsters v. Aliens crossover on The CW was the mere fact that the network really falsely advertised the “Supergirl” part of it. Since that time, this has been nothing short of outstanding, and precisely what we feel like superhero entertainment should be.

Tonight, the focus on “Legends of Tomorrow” was going to be all about trying to figure out a way to stop the Dominator invasion once and for all. This meant for the Legends trying to go back to the 1950’s in order to properly figure out the source behind the attack, and also if there was anything precisely that they could do in order to stop it and turn things around. The irony here is that for Cisco Ramon, he spent most of the past week or so being angry at Barry for his decision to change history; however, he ended up doing the same thing, which created a newfound level of sympathy for him.

Ultimately, the Dominators demands apparently were as simple as this: Give us Barry Allen, and they leave everyone else alone. For all of their violence and threats, these aliens seem to almost be the bizarro morality police. They believe that the creation of such things as people with powers is evil (at least outside of their own people), and they’ve seen metas bring about the fall of society before. It is interesting to note that these aliens are not necessarily pure evil; most good villains do have that shade of gray, though we’re also not sure that we would at the same time classify them “good villains” given that they’re so much more of an odd collective than a series of individuals.

Nice try, Barry – As we anticipated, nobody among the team was willing to allow the Flash to go out and fall on his own sword. Why would he think that they would? This led to what has to be considered the most EPIC fight that we’ve seen over the course of the entire season to date, given that we had the team fighting on the ground while The Flash and Supergirl literally traveled the entire country in order to stop the Dominators in their tracks. Sara Lance and Cisco teamed up on the Waverider, while Firestorm took to the skies in order to put his powers to use.

Martin’s family drama continues – After meeting his daughter Lily for the first time earlier in the crossover, she discovered right away that he was acting unusual around her and, being a prodigy of science herself, demanded some answers. Martin held close to her as motivation when Firestorm was fighting in the skies.

The celebration – This was a hoot, in between the great “Superman Returns” joke by Ray Palmer to seeing the entire team be honored for their achievements saving the world. Oliver and Supergirl bonded in a way that they haven’t before. Cisco also gave her a gift that would allow her to return to their dimension whenever she needed to — in other words, more crossovers down the line! The end of the crossover was simple but sweet, with fun one-liners and emotional connections.

While we’re not going to say that the “Legends of Tomorrow” part of the crossover had the fun of everyone meeting for the first time or the heart of the “Arrow” 100th episode, this was an effective conclusion to the story that was wild, crazy, and above all satisfying. It feels very much like this is going to be an event people look forward to for many seasons to come. Grade: B+.

Next week – We are diving into the winter finale, and to go along with that, we’re going to be seeing the Legion of Doom take center stage. Head over here to read more about that! (Photo: The CW.)

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