‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10, episode 10 review: Christopher Lloyd turns up in Leonard vs. Sheldon debate

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Tonight on “The Big Bang Theory,” we had what was effectively a war over stuff. Now that Leonard and Sheldon are no longer living together, the two are facing a rather difficult crisis as they start to figure out who gets what.

During the opening of the episode, the majority of their shared belongings were back at Leonard and Penny’s place, and that made some more sense given that the apartment was larger, and that’s where it all was located in the first place. Sheldon of course started the process of negotiating by doing what he does best, and that included him steamrolling Leonard when it comes to taking all of the stuff. Eventually, Amy got angry at him over him being selfish, and Leonard took advantage of the opportunity for revenge, demanding that he wanted the official flag of the apartment — even though he hated flags.

Sheldon’s next move was changing the password for the wifi, and apparently, this means war! Leonard fought back at him by wearing Sheldon’s flag as a toga sans underwear, while then Sheldon leased out his room to a random guy (Christopher Lloyd!) at a dollar a night as a means of revenge. This whole back-and-forth was fairly entertaining, mostly because of precisely how entertaining Lloyd was in this role. It couldn’t have been more different than some of his other roles.

Strangely, Lloyd ended up playing a role in resolving the conflict. All it really took was reminding these two that they did live together for the majority of their adults lives, and that they were both acting petty. Everyone holds their stuff sacred to a certain degree, but the thing to remember is simply this: They are just belongings! At the end of the day, this sort of substance will fade to ash and memories will remain. (That may be a tad too deep for a review of this show.)

Howard and Bernadette’s big decision – Remember when Stuart lived there? Well, they invited him back this week when he admitted that he was getting evicted from his place. While we’d say that they made this decision rather quickly given how they’re about to have a kid, they clearly see the guy as the ideal live-in nanny. He already cared for Howard’s mother effectively, so he does have a resume for this sort of thing.

Given that we’ve already mentioned friend-wars, there was another one at the center of this storyline! Raj immediately got jealous of Stuart being their caretaker — a role that he assumed was his. He was of course upset, and over-compensated by doing more. Eventually, the situation arose to the point where the couple basically have a pair of butlers working for them for free.

In terms of humor, the one unfortunate thing about the episode is that it peaked super-early with Amy determining that Penny would would back the painting (see above) that is a symbol of their long-lasting friendship. This entire ordeal remains incredibly ridiculous, but we’re willing to accept the show as over-the-top when it remains in character. Being convinced that this portrait is fantastic does feel very much up Amy’s alley. The irony here as glorious in that as Leonard and Sheldon fought over who gets to keep their shared items, Amy and Penny fought over who gets to give away the painting. Episode Grade: B.

The next episode – We’re hopefully going to have a holiday episode! We cannot confirm that for certain, but if you head over here, you can at the very least get some more details of what to expect. (Photo: CBS.)

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