‘The X Factor’ UK rankings: Matt Terry, Emily Middlemas, Saara Aalto now have inside track

Matt Terry -

We’ve now made it to the final four on “The X Factor” this season, and we know that for many, this is an excellent chance to celebrate the fact that Honey G is gone from the competition! Given that we never had a strong feeling that she was going to be in the final, we cannot quite say that we were ever pressing the nearest panic button quite as much as we imagined that we could.

Below, check out our full take on the remaining four singers, who we’re ranking based on a number of different factors, including recent results, performance quality, perceived fan following, and even the results from some past seasons on the show.

4. 5 After Midnight (last week: 2) – We are a little surprised that the group slid into the bottom two this past week, but maybe you can argue that viewers are taking their ability a little bit for granted? We do also think that this is especially the point in the show where you have to remember history, and the history here is that no male group has won the show to date. They’ve done very well and may actually be more successful commercially than anyone else remaining, but that doesn’t always equal the winner.

3. Saara Aalto (4) – She’s earned this spot following what we personally believe to be the best performance on the show this season. So why isn’t she higher? We cannot ignore being in the bottom three multiple times, or having the majority of her fans located outside of the United Kingdom. Maybe if YouTube views mattered this would be different, but alas, they do not.

2. Emily Middlemas (3) – A finale between Emily and Matt seems like where we are probably going, and it’s fairly easy to be okay with that given the path we’d have gone on for most of the season. Both are incredibly talented, but with Emily what she may bring to the final two is an essence of relatability that some people could easily get behind. She’s someone who probably reminds you of one of your friends chasing a dream and hoping for the best.

1. Matt Terry (1) – It’s still really hard to go against Matt as the pick to win it all given that he’s also coming off one of his best weeks, he’s incredibly likable, his talent is off the charts, and he could easily be a male pop star that Britain would rally behind. He’s been the frontrunner for a long time now, and unless he goes out and has a terrible week on Saturday, we don’t see that changing all too much.

Who do you think is in the best spot right now? Vote in the poll below, and be sure to head over here to get some other news related to “The X Factor” this season! (Photo: ITV.)

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