‘Survivor’ season 33, ‘Undercover Boss’ premiere dates set; ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ in limbo

Today, CBS announced almost the entirety of their upcoming winter / spring premiere dates, and there was a little bit of good / bad news mixed in here. We’ve got a chance now to see when many of our favorite shows are coming back, but there are some aspects of this schedule that we don’t quite love. Specifically, “Survivor” is starting later than it ever has before, and we still don’t even know when “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” is going to be coming on the air with season 2.

Take a look at all of the important dates that were announced today — for those curious, we’ve already went in-depth over the decision to keep “The Amazing Race” off of the air until April.

Wednesday, Dec. 21

8:00 – “Undercover Boss” premiere (two hours)

Sunday, Jan. 1 (Football Doubleheader)

8:30 ET / 8:00 PT – “Ransom” premiere (could fluctuate depending on football schedule)

Saturday, Jan. 7

8:00 – “Ransom” (time period premiere, they’re seriously putting this show on Saturdays)

Sunday, January 22

10:00 – “Hunted” premiere (could be delayed depending on AFC Championship Game results)

Wednesday, January 25

8:00 – “Hunted” (time period premiere, will be two hours this first week)

Thursday, February 2

10:00 – “Training Day” premiere

Wednesday, February 15

10:00 – “Doubt” premiere

Wednesday, March 8

8:00 – “Survivor” (two-hour premiere)

Friday, April 21

8:00 – “The Amazing Race” (two-hour premiere)

In looking at this schedule, we’re not sure how “Survivor” in particular is done during the May sweeps, but maybe the network will surprise us in some way. We’re also not entirely clear precisely how these new shows are going to fare. “Doubt” is promising given its cast including Laverne Cox and Katherine Heigl; however, “Training Day” is getting the network’s hardest timeslot Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern, one that’s caused major damage to “Elementary” and “Pure Genius” over time.

Once we’ve got a little bit more news on some of these shows, we’ll have it for you here. Stay tuned.

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