‘Chicago Fire’ season 5, episode 3 review: Brett convinces Antonio; Casey sends away Susan

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There’s a perfectly good reason why “Chicago Fire” 5×03 is entitled “Scorched Earth,” and much of that could have to do with the way that Matthew Casey went just about all out to ensure that he got what he wanted from Susan without having to see his life put into further peril.

The basic summation of his situation is as follows: She was double-dealing, and basically playing him to ensure that she could get more work for herself. Casey’s not the sort of guy who likes to be played. Once he figured all of that out, he was quick to tell her to be gone from his life forever — and this seems to at the very least end Casey being messed up in this kind of politics, which we consider to be very much a good thing for his sake.

This wasn’t the only drama that directly impacted him this week, given that Dawson had the horrible challenge of trying to save a young man who was in dire straits when she arrived on the scene. Despite a mother who didn’t even want her touching her son, she was able to save him and turn that situation around.

Kidd finds her hands full – One week removed from the conflict with Severide, she focused in on trying to help a young man in Chris who clearly was in need of medical attention, but also wasn’t exaclty intent on staying put in order to get it. Eventually, it started to become clear why that was: he had engaged in some criminal activity, but it was out of a need for survival rather than malice. Eventually, she was able to track him down, and with that, a deal was eventually struck thanks to the fine folks at Chicago Med that he could receive treatment, but in the process had to accept a breaking-and-entering charge that could come with a sentence of probation.

It was nice to see Kidd back out there and not really caring about what Severide was doing, which is probably good given that Kelly spent more of his time hanging out with social media star Travis Brenner and working with him eventually to lend Molly’s a little bit of a helping hand by the two visiting the bar and taking some photos. Otis and Herrmann have something to celebrate! Unfortunately, Severide doesn’t since he learned later at one of Travis’ parties that instead of bringing in a woman who overdosed to Chicago Med, he left her outside on a bench, assuming that someone would find her. Not good, Travis!

Brett and Antonio, closer to being a thing – This pairing is so odd and random, but at the same time, a lot of fun to watch given that the feelings were there for both parties, but at the same time, Antonio tried to resent them until Brett showed that she wasn’t willing to give up. Eventually, this led to her telling him to buy her a drink at Molly’s, and he obliged. Consider this, hopefully, the beginning of something more.

Overall – A solid episode that covered a lot of important ground for some characters. We’re not going to proclaim it to be the most memorable one of the series, but it did accomplish a lot in setting the stage for what’s to come potentially this season. Grade: B.

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