‘Vikings’ season 4, episode 11 video: Ragnar’s fate hangs in the balance

Vikings -

With the November 30th return of “Vikings” right around the corner, we are now at a point where questions of mortality and the future of Ragnar Lothbrok start to cross our minds.

One of the most important things to remember going into the second half of this season is that we’re not looking at the same character who we once knew. Many years have passed, and with that, we’re looking at a man who has evolved in some ways and has been broken down in others. He’s looking at his legacy after so many years apart from the world he once knew and questioning what is next.

The video below may be visually one of the most stunning that the series has ever released, at least in terms of capturing what the overall aesthetic of this world.What seems to happen here to Ragnar is a little more on the harrowing side, but seems to be fairly out of character for him. Is Ragnar a man that would take his own life? This is a man that went from a young man with big dreams, to being the king, to being a broken down man using way too many drugs, but through out this journey he never struck us as a man that would take his own life – he’s a man that won’t go down without a fight. So for us this video is more of a foreshadowing of his death in general then a literal interpretation of what’s to come.

The other thing to remember here is that this is a show on the “History” channel and they probably want to stick closely to what happened to Ragnar in his real life. There have been a few different tales as to how Ragnar actually died, but the main story spun involves snakes. Given that we saw the Vikings booth at San Diego Comic-Con this year having a virtual snake pit at their booth, we have to assume that this is a moment that could be coming up on the show eventually. There’s no guarantee it’s in the near future, but regardless of if Ragnar is destined to die on this show, by snake pit, or by any other means, there are questions regarding Ragnar’s mortality that are unavoidable.

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