National Dog Show 2016: Greyhound wins Best in Show over Western Terrier, Pekingese

National Dog Show -

Who’s ready to celebrate this year with the National Dog Show? this is an annual tradition, and one that we certainly are loving the opportunity to be able to check out this year — just as we are every year. This is the 15th time that this tradition has aired on NBC, and we’re not honestly sure that we have ever missed a year of the show.

Of course, be sure to refresh this page! We’re going to have even more updates as the show goes on!

Hound Group – Greyhound. Love this dog. Super-sleek, and surprisingly chill despite being known for their speed. Probably our favorite of the dogs that made it to Best in Show.

Herding Group – Border Collie. Beautiful dog. Super-silky coat. Nothing altogether unexpected personality-wise, but it’d be a worthy winner.

Working Group – Giant schnauzer. We had a miniature schnauzer growing up, so there is a personal connection that we have to seeing this dog.

Terrier Group – The Western terrier. Super-cute dog. You’d almost think at first glance that they were in the toy group.

Toy Group – The Pekingese. To be honest, these aren’t our favorite dogs since we like ours to be able to walk around a little bit more, and they’re a frontrunner breed who almost always wins.

Sporting Group – English Springer Spaniel. Another very-beautiful breed. Not the flashiest, but we’ve seen many spaniels win the show before.

Non-sporting group – Tibetan terrier — there are terriers, after all, not in the terrier group for whatever reason (sometimes, the word of dog shows doesn’t make a whole lot of sense). Now, the field is set!

So who is your Best in Show? It’s …. the Greyhound! We were rooting for this outcome, so suffice it to say, we were pretty darn thrilled with the result. Granted, this isn’t an event we’ll probably think about in five or so minutes, but we enjoyed the heck out of it while it was on.

What do you think: Did the right dog win the show this year? Then be sure to share now in the attached comments! (Photo: National Dog Show.)

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