‘Once Upon a Time’ season 6 video: Rumpelstiltskin proves he’s horrible (again)

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There is another new episode of “Once Upon a Time” airing on ABC in a matter of hours, and if there’s one thing that you are probably going to be able to take away from it, it’s this: We’re probably going to continue to see plenty of nastiness all over again when it comes to Rumpelstiltskin.

In the video below from Sunday night’s “Changelings,” a “Beauty and the Beast” era flashback is upon us! It’s here that Belle likely first realized that Rumpelstiltskin is rather horrible when it comes to children. He brought a baby in, wouldn’t exactly tell Belle where it came from, and from there proceeds to not say precisely what it is that he wants to do with it. This is all pretty nasty stuff, but at the same time can you really be that shocked! This is Rumpelstiltskin we’re dealing with here! This is not a man notable for exhibiting any practices of good behavior.

The parallels between this scene and the present should also be abundantly clear, given that we’re dealing here mostly now with a situation where Rumple is trying in the present to take ownership of Belle’s baby — in other words, he’s continuing to be horrible.

Is there still a hope for the two of them to be together? We’ve stated this a few times over at this point, and we do believe it to be true: We’d love for there to be a way for this to happen, but at the same time, Rumple has to want to change in order for that to become a reality, but there’s not enough evidence out there that he really wants that. Instead, he just seems more intent on inhabiting within this realm of excessive control. Why would anyone want to be with that?

For some other news when it comes to “Once Upon a Time,” be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: ABC.)

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