‘NCIS: New Orleans’ season 3, episode 7: LaSalle’s parenthood struggle, murder at motorcycle rally leads to mayhem

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The fans of “NCIS: New Orleans” definitely didn’t expect Special Agent Christopher LaSalle to show up to work on Tuesday night looking like he was exhausted and completely overwhelmed. The latest episode of the popular crime series offered a look at how LaSalle is handling news that he is now a dad. Trying to be hands on, it appears he is still learning the ropes of parenthood. Looking to make things right by his child, the agent struggles with his new role in life.

The murder case the NCIS team looks to solve this week has the agents working against the clock. A rowdy motorcycle rally has two major motorcycle clubs in New Orleans. With issues in the past, neither gang is friendly towards the other. The friction could cause trouble as the murder of a sailor is suspiciously looking like a gang hit. Someone apparently wanted to get even.

It takes Agent Pride to keep the peace while his team works the case. With limited clues, the team discovers that the bad blood between the two gangs could spill on the streets of New Orleans if the killer isn’t caught. The problem is that neither gang appears to have a willing participant in the killings.

The clues directly point to each of the gangs. The threads on the bullet found on the killed sailor came from the rival gang. The explosive compounds that blew up the other gang’s building was found too. Yet the individual gang members can’t be connected to the crime. Agent Pride begins to consider that the clues connecting the two gangs to the crimes are a little too convenient.

Looking to find a way to avoid any other killings, Agent Pride starts looking for a third source that would profit from the two gangs being pitted against each other. After some digging, it appears that another mob from the East Coast might be actively involved. The problem with this scenario is Special Agent Sonja Percy might be looking into the killer’s eyes. She went into the gang life again as an undercover operative trying to find out who might be the killer.

The end of the show offered an intense showdown where Agent Percy needing to be rescued to escape the killer. Before she could be saved, a truce had to be called between the two motorcycle gangs. Of course it appears that Agent Pride talked some sense into all the guys looking to even the score. Only the lone bad guy was arrested and everyone else made up (well, as much as expected when it comes to motorcycle gang members.)

We felt this week’s episode offered a subtle lesson on doing the right thing while still doing good.  LaSalle’s hope to make things right while still staying sane showed a more personal side to his character and Percy revealed more about herself too. Not only was the story line of this week’s episode fun to watch, so were the new revelations about the characters. Episode grade: A-.

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