Hannah Montana marathon, Nicole Kidman dishes on Jimmy Fallon, Hawaii Five-0 changes

Hannah Montana -

It is Friday. A quick look back at the week of TV and one realizes we are in the middle of November. The mid-season finales offers closure for some of the best TV shows. Those pesky commercials keep coming up too. The announcements of a new season starting in the middle of January are impossible to miss. As the holidays quickly approach, the focus of TV shifts to a more seasonal approach with fun TV specials for the entire family to watch.

Hannah Montana’ marathon announced

The Disney show “Hannah Montana” is returning to TV. It was five years ago when the show ended. Since then Miley Cyrus has done what she can to distance herself from the show and the character. While she might be over it, the fans aren’t. It shouldn’t be too surprising how well the marathon is being received. Watch the Disney Channel to see the four seasons kick off starting December 3.

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman: Round 2

Nicole Kidman revealed on Thursday night that Jimmy Fallon didn’t just blow her off once. In fact, it happened twice. “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” interview was quite funny. Nicole revealed this happened not once, but twice and she is still quite surprised. It was major news last year and last night she gave specifics on how she was blown off. The best part of this segment is just how much Jimmy Fallon blushes as he never thought he had a chance. Take a peek at the video.

Hawaii Five-0‘ cast member shake up: Who is leaving?

The fans of “Hawaii Five-0” have heard many rumors about the cast. There was some buzz even suggesting that one of the main characters would quit the show. The gossip surrounding one cast member appears to be true. Masi Oka, who plays medical examiner Dr. Max Bergman, confirmed to Entertainment Weekly he won’t be continuing with the show. Fans love the character’s quirky attitude and his precise medical evaluation, but that doesn’t change Oka’s decision. Needing to commute to Hawaii for the show, on average he flies back and forth 18 times a year.

And Finally…’Fantastic Beasts’ of the TSA

James Corden and Eddie Redmayne had a little fun calling out the TSA on Wednesday night. Portraying a TSA agent, it was Corden who stopped Eddie to check a bag. And what he discovered versus what was allowed to move along was quite…interesting. The funny sketch would have just been a moment in line if it wasn’t for the insane moment about the whistle dare. Watch the video to see how the “Fantastic Beasts” get through the airport.

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