‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 7 review: Romance — and the opposite of that

Real World -We’re not sure that there is an episode of “The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood” that is ultimately more bipolar than the one that aired on MTV Wednesday night. There were moments of relative happiness and romance in here, but then at the same time you also had conspiracy theories, blow-up fights, and questions as to why certain people are on the show.

Are the editors ever going to even try to balance things out when it comes to this cast? One of the advantages that they clearly had this time of casting such a wide array of people is that they were guaranteed to find some personalities that would stand out on the show; however, at the same time having such a huge cast more or less means that there are some other people who are barely even on the show at all. Did we even see Will during this episode? Jordan was there, but mostly only in the role of mediator for one of the show’s more-vicious arguments we’ve seen in some time.

The biggest issue that we’ve got with the whole Tyara vs. Theo argument is that there is a 0% chance of anything getting better, mostly because we feel like there’s almost a 0% chance that the two will ever be flexible or empathetic. They each think that their own way of doing things is better, and that the other person either freaks out too often or sends mixed signals. They both do. Tyara acts at times like Theo is some great love, and Theo says in confessionals that he values her a great deal. Yet, for whatever reason they refuse to give each other any leeway.

If this is the way they are going to be for the remainder of this season, it’s probably a good thing they get split up now.

The relationship between Peter and Jenn right now certainly seems to be much more in the way of smooth sailing, given that the two parties do seem to be getting along and Peter’s even making a huge effort to be romantic — something rare within the realm of reality TV. Yet, at the same time the show makes you question how much of it is for Jenn, and how much of it is to spite Anna over what happened between the two of them. It can be both; that’s allowed! While we do want to think that things here are 100% genuine, Peter’s attitude is still distressing. There’s no reason for him to act combative as he is towards Anna and her sister, given that they don’t seem to be making too big of a deal out of him switching romantic interests so quickly.

Also, who was surprised how quickly the show dropped the issue of Jenn’s boyfriend Travis like a heavy bag of potatoes? To be fair, they were apparently only together for a couple of months, but considering how worried she was to tell him about kissing Peter everyone seemed to move on fairly quickly.

The biggest thing that this season is now lacking is a little bit of something more in the humor department. While it’s not always intentional, we do often find people on the show that we can laugh at and people who are up to crazy shenanigans. Nobody in this is particularly hilarious, at least in terms of it translating over to the show. Part of that may because the editing right now is so slanted.

We’re not going to deny that there was a lot of interesting stuff in this episode from a sociology standpoint, including how people can go from love interests to enemies just because of bad communication. We just hope that as the weeks continue with these people in Seattle, we have a little more fun, and eventually also revisit the whole reason this season existed in the first place. Right now, there seems to be zero conflict between the cast members supposedly at odds with each from life. Episode Grade: B-.

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