‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 9 review: Is Severide cleared of all charges?

It’s been a while since we’ve had new episodes of “Chicago PD”, but the crew is back and ready for whatever is coming their way. In the mid-season finale we lost Antonio to “Chicago Justice” but we gain Burgess to Voight’s team. There was also the Bunny cliffhanger where she told Lindsay that her dad was in town and wanted to see her.

While the Lindsay story, by and large, is going to be taking a back seat for the time being (it’ll be around in full force next week), there are some other big orders of business to get to in this episode. In particular, we have to talk Kelly Severide.

The road to freedom – It wasn’t easy for Kelly, and we appreciate the way that the writers wrote this. While Lindsay and him haven’t been together in some time, her belief in him was one of the reasons why Intelligence was able to track the truth and not just give in to the preconceived notion that he was the responsible party for what appeared on the surface to be a superficial drunken hit-and-run case. This even at times caused tension between her and Halstead, who wasn’t willing to see her side of the equation.

With that being said, everything changed when she started being able to, with some help, get some tangible evidence that it was a car-stealing ring that was behind the entire operation, and the accident ended up conveniently being an easy way to implicate Kelly instead. While some of the twists and turns here were interesting, most of the focus on our end remained transfixed mostly on making sure that we had an opportunity to see Severide find his freedom, and have a chance to go on and live his life. Lindsay was thanked profusely, and she’s now at a place where she can focus on other things — like, for example, her father.

Burgess’ new partner – It’s Olinsky, and it’s both uncomfortable and rather awesome at the same exact time. She entered the arena wide-eyed and enthusiastic, and what she encountered was someone cold and not altogether interested in showing her the ropes. It wasn’t until we saw them together for some time that he made it clear as to precisely why his attitude was the way that it was: He didn’t want to see her hurt on the job. He felt that being in Intelligence would emotionally destroy her, and didn’t want to be there to witness it.

It also turns out that following her promotion, Burgess was able to do a little bit of detective work of her own, realizing that Ruzek may have more feelings for her than she realized. After all, he is still holding onto her to a certain extent. The one thing that we do worry about is finding the right way to use Platt moving forward now that Burgess isn’t off in uniform, but the show took their time making this move. Therefore, we have to think that they’ve got a future in mind for her and some fun ways to utilize her.

Episode Grade: B+. This was a solid end to the crossover, and while the “PD” writers did have to spend a big chunk of time dealing with a story that was left over by “Fire,” it didn’t necessarily feel like a different show. We still saw plenty of our beloved characters, and we do appreciate the show’s continued focus on mixing things up constantly to keep it fresh.

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