‘NCIS: New Orleans’ season 3, episode 6: Team investigates Navy seal’s death, Agent LaSalle meets his child

NOLA -Fans watching Agent Dwayne Pride’s latest case were definitely surprised at the outcome of Tuesday night’s episode. The NCIS team uncovered a terrible truth after a Navy seal candidate’s death only days before graduation and the haunting reason even touched the mayor’s office. The “NCIS: New Orleans” team appeared to have stumbled upon a typical murder at the beginning of the program, but that changed when the candidate’s actions led the team to discover that his past made him run from his future.

Touching on how the Navy trains SEALs, the viewers got to see how candidates deal with their fear of drowning. Entering the water with bound hands and feet, the men were seen trying to refrain from panicking while undoing the ropes. This practice exercise didn’t have one candidate respond well as he started to get upset about being tied up. Thinking of quitting the program, the candidate didn’t get another chance as his body was found miles away.

Agent Pride’s team realized the fear of the water exercise wasn’t about being under water, but the actual shackles and started looking into his past. Realizing he could have been abused, they start tracing individuals who came in contact with the victim.

After an exhaustive search, one name came to the top of the list in the candidate’s former basketball coach. Looking to get more details, Agent LaSalle, along with FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, head to the coach’s residence to find him killed.

Knowing the whispers of the coach’s actions never drew a criminal record, the team finds out that the lack of prosecution was, in part, because people refused to believe the boys were being abused. Now that the truth was being revealed, someone was killing people to keep people quiet. In a very intense scene at the end, the killer is found and another young man admits he too has been a victim to horrific acts.

The dark and shocking episode also offered up a personal look at how Agent LaSalle’s life is going to change this season. A woman from his past wants desperately to reconnect. While LaSalle ignores her calls and emails, he can’t avoid her when she shows up in front of the NCIS office with their child. Shocked and bewildered, it appears LaSalle is not quite sure how to deal with this new development. Agent Gregorio is just as surprised to meet the child for the first time and the episode leaves viewers with many more questions than answers about LaSalle’s future.

We enjoyed the “NCIS: New Orleans” episode on Tuesday night. The heavy story line might have been tough for some viewers to watch. As Agent Pride’s team showed, there is hope for sexual assault victims to find justice and revealing what happened in the past is worth the risk. Episode grade: A-.

This review was written by Jodi Jill. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter(Photo: CBS.)

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