‘Westworld’ actor Luke Hemsworth hopeful on season 2 renewal

While the first season of “Westworld” is still not exactly over, we cannot quite say that we’re surprised about some of the early discussions popping up already about a potential second season. Why wouldn’t that excitement be there? We’re talking about a series that over time has become one of the most integral parts of the HBO lineup, and a show that has the potential to get a lot of awards-recognition when we get around to the big Golden Globes nomination reveal that is coming up in the relatively-near future.

So what about the show’s season 2 prospects? We know rather well at present that this is still something that many people (us included) are waiting eagerly to get more information all about, and for a wide array of different reasons. After all, the quality is there, and you would think that the ratings are, as well. So what’s the holdup? It really may just come down to the folks over at HBO wanting to do what they can in order to make sure the timing for said announcement is right, and they may also have some other logistics to work through. One thing you absolutely do need to remember here is that this is not a particularly easy show to film in the slightest. It’s big, it’s complicated, and often that means that the producers have to jump through many a hoop in order to ensure that the network brings it back.

Yet, we’re sure that it will, and what Luke Hemsworth told The Wrap recently seems to reflect that further:

“Still no word! Everyone keeps saying, ‘Yeah, today, tomorrow, yup,’ so all the signs are there … Still no official word, but hopefully it’s all good.”

So while we feel very-much confident that “Westworld” will be brought back to tell more stories, we of course want an answer sooner rather than later. While some premium cable outlets do choose to give early renewals for their shows, we should note that HBO does not always do the same exact thing. For exactly, they waited for some time on “The Leftovers” last year, and while “The Night Of” may be a different sort of show, it’s still waiting for a renewal of its own.

If you want to preview the next episode of “Westworld” now, head over to the link here.

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