‘Blue Bloods’ season 7, episode 8 reaction: Vanessa Ray on Eddie, Jamie’s future

CBS LogoTonight on “Blue Bloods” season 7, we saw a moment that so many people were waiting for, as the Jamie and Eddie characters each decided that now was the proper time to finally explain their feelings. While it wasn’t the first time that they’ve had a romantic moment on the show, this clearly felt like the most significant one to date. Not only that, but we feel like it’s the one who could have the largest impact on the show moving forward.

We understand given the show’s history and reluctance often to tell longer stories that you would worry that the show would just bring the two characters back to square one after this. They didn’t agree to be in a relationship, after all, and both expressed some concern over being together given their jobs and the limitations that come with that.

In addressing all of this further in a new postmortem piece via Entertainment Weekly, Vanessa Ray made it clear that it’s “not a false start” for the two of them. She also made it clear that next week’s episode is going to be huge for the two as they start to figure things out:

“I think the next episode is the more interesting one… just seeing what they choose and what’s off the table. They want to be together, but some things are just off the table, so you’ll see what happens next.”

Isn’t it possible that the two could try to see each other moving forward in secret? We do think that this is something that could be on the table, mostly since there are clearly some feelings here and it could be fun to explore things in that way. However, that is risky. If the police knows about the relationship, that could mean them shutting it down by splitting the two up — in addition to other reprimands by breaking protocol.

(Photo: CBS.)

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