‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 6 review: Why can’t they be friends?

Bad Blood -We admit that for most of Wednesday night’s new episode of “The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood,” we were left with a pretty-singular sentiment: Wondering if we were going to see some of these people develop actual conflict. Given that these people came into the show with supposedly these great divides, we didn’t really see a whole lot of it.

Remember last week, when we lauded the compelling story of Theo and Kassius? That was nonexistent this time around, as we focused on some conflict-resolution elsewhere. Specifically, we had Jenn — who was all over this episode — trying to work things out with Robbie from their past. We’re not entirely sure what the problem was between them beyond him being immature and icing her out. The same goes for the most part with Jordan and Orlana; it seems to be that Jordan wasn’t sensitive enough to Orlana’s suicide attempt, which, per Jordan, came about because Orlana wasn’t talking about it much.

These these relationships aren’t addressed for most of the remainder of the season, we don’t think it’s wrong to question why they ever needed to be there in the first place.

Now, let’s move forward to the meat of the episode: Jenn and Peter. In the early going, Peter found himself out with his new squeeze Anna and her sister Katrina, which was every bit as awkward as you can imagine. Was Katrina out to sabotage their relationship? It’s hard to say, but we understand being mad about coming on the show to work things out with your sister when she’s focusing all of her attention on someone else. Anna realized this and told Peter that she needed some space, which he seemed to take as “we’re done and I want nothing to ever do with you ever again.”

Here’s our biggest takeaway for this episode: For a guy who claims to have done “nothing wrong” multiple times in the episode, the dude did a lot wrong. For one, he showed zero empathy whatsoever for Anna and her plight, and then proceeded to ramble on in confessional about Jenn, who he’s supposedly had feelings for the whole time, about how she was the person he wanted to be with the whole time, but he stayed away because of the fact that she had a boyfriend. Who wants to be told “oh, I wanted to be with you, so instead I toyed with this other person instead”? How is that an attractive pickup line? This obviously hurt Anna, who heard some of the conversation, and actually handled it far better than we would have in her shoes since he was trying to claim that her feelings were nothing.

Oh, and then Peter also dug in on Jenn enough that by the end of the episode, the two kissed. Obviously, Peter’s not the only person in the wrong here, but he still came across really bad hitting on Jenn (and egging her on) knowing that there was another relationship in play. Sure, Jenn’s relationship seemed to be somewhat new, but it’s still not a move that is showing her a lot of respect. Peter just comes across as a guy who wants to hook up now and think about the consequences later.

As much as we don’t like him for what he did, we will admit that this relationship drama really saved the episode from being a complete ball of nothing. Remember that other “highlights” tonight included seeing Will lose his ID and the millionth trip out clubbing this season. There wasn’t much else we’ll even bother to remember. Episode Grade: B-.

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