‘The Blacklist’ season 4 fall finale: Will we learn what Red whispered to Kirk?

The Blacklist logo any season“The Blacklist” loves its mysteries, and you can now officially add another one to the list: What did Reddington whisper to Alexander Kirk in the closing minutes of Thursday night’s new episode? Inquiring minds want to know. Yet, at the same time, we’re not sure if there is any precisely answer ever coming your way.

Based on what executive producer Jon Bokenkamp told Entertainment Weekly tonight in a postmortem for this episode, it really doesn’t sound like the show’s in much of a hurry to reveal the contents of this said whisper:

“The truth is, we’re not going to find out what he said. That whisper was a secret between the two men who loved Katarina. Besides, if you really knew what Red said the show would probably be over.”

This has to be one of the greatest responses that he could possibly give on the subject, right?

Bokenkamp would not confirm whether or not what Red told Alexander Kirk about being Liz Keen’s father was the truth or not. We know that Red’s a guy who operates with his own personal agenda, and he has no problem keeping secrets for a long period of time and/or distorting them. We do think it’s possible that he is her father, but at the same time, he could’ve just said that to give Kirk an answer that he really wanted to hear and eventually save his own life in the process. Kirk did stop before injecting him to death, after all.

We’ll get some more information on what’s next for “The Blacklist” when the show returns with new episodes on early January. Here’s to hoping that there are some answers present in there that prove to be worth the wait.

(Photo: NBC.)

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