‘Sesame Street’ birthday, Kyra Sedgwick loves to push buttons, ‘The Blacklist’ midseason finale

Finally, television shows return to normal schedules this week. There are new episodes are being offered on Thursday night, but don’t get too comfortable quite yet. There is another big event in exactly two weeks that will throw off TV programming again. What is that? Thanksgiving!!  If you are like me, you’re now in a panic because the only turkey in your house is the one staring back at you in the mirror. You need to get shopping. And you’ve just realized you need to be reading up on the latest Netflix releases to ready for the rowdy bunch heading toward your home to give thanks.

‘The Blacklist’ promises answers on midseason finale

On Thursday one of NBCs biggest shows is going to offer up some answers for viewers. “The Blacklist” midseason finale is expected to tie up some loose ends and the show has been promising answers to some of the biggest questions this season. The last episode before January, it appears this is an opportunity to have a fresh start (and a look at new bad guys) in 2017.

‘Sesame Street’ celebrates 47th birthday

Sesame Street fans, are you thinking about Cookie Monster or Bert and Ernie today? You aren’t alone. The popular PBS program is celebrating its 47th birthday. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but this show premiered today in 1969. Fans around the world are honoring this show by sending happy birthday messages to the cast, crew and even their favorite character.

 NFL considers fewer commercials during games

It isn’t a secret that television ratings for the NFL have been down. Viewers haven’t shown up for the game like in past years and it’s worrying the league. Hoping to get more eyeballs from homes across the country, the NFL is considering less commercial breaks. So how would this change a game? An average NFL game lasts a little over three hours and has 63 minutes of commercials. Cutting this down might actually be a good idea.

Kyra Sedwick reveals her button pushing nightmare moment

Kyra Sedwick admitted on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” that her curiosity has gotten her in trouble more than once. Sharing she was once at a Tom Cruise’s party and found a secret button in the library. She pushed the button, but nothing happened. Then she mentioned it to Tom Cruise who informed her that it was the panic button. Cops flooded the house quite quickly and would not leave until Cruise actually confirmed he was alive and well.

And finally…. Do Cooking shows show safe food handling practices on TV?

Cooking show safety is being questioned when it comes to television practices. When we go out to dinner, we know our food is being prepared under strict guidelines, but it might not be the case for those kitchens in Hollywood studios. Some chefs are raising concerns that the food safety shown on TV might be curbed for time or structure. This could give the viewers the wrong impression on handling food. Something to think about next time you watch a cooking show.

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