‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 7 review: Did Antonio leave Voight’s team for “Chicago Justice”?

Tonight we have a two hour event as “Chicago PD” gives us it’s mid-season finale and we are expecting a few big moment as well as some loose ends to keep us talking throughout the holidays. The biggest question mark tonight is, are we losing Antonio?

Antonio is having trouble with his ex-wife, Laura, now that she is seeing an older rich man. She has been becoming more and more absent as Laura and her new man have been spending the majority of their time traveling. He’s becoming very frustrated with the whole situation and we wonder if this is going to have anything to do with Antonio’s exit to “Chicago Justice”. Just in case you hadn’t heard, by the end of tonight’s two hour mid-season finale, we will have lost Antonio.

Speaking of “Chicago Justice”, we had another peek at one of the stars of that show tonight. Peter’s in town dealing with a case that Voight’s unit is focused on, but he’s also there to talk to Antonio. He’s offering Antonio a Commander’s pay, all weekends and holidays off and his own unit if he comes to work for Peter. Antonio tells him no, but Peter reveals that Voight already signed off on it and that this job will allow Antonio to have more time with his son. Antonio confronts Voight about this asking if he’s trying to hustle Antonio out of the team and Voight tells him that he did recommend him because he’s not going to hold him back from running his own crew. He thinks Antonio is a star and it’s time for him to rise. After thinking about it, Antonio decides to take the new position and with that, we’ve lost Antonio to “Chicago Justice”.

Ruzak asks Burgess how her new partner is and by the expression on her face he knows that he’s a “knucklehead”. Kevin reminds her that she will be up in the cage with them some day soon and we hope that by the end of tonight’s episode that she will be. Her partner Mike is really a piece of work… after pulling over a man dealing with a private affair, he uses the footage from his body camera to “keep a memento” for himself. After putting the picture of this man up on Facebook, Mike gets caught by Trudy and it’s revealed that Burgess knew about it, so they are both being punished. Burgess needs to get away from this guy.

We are really excited about “Chicago Justice” and now that we know Antonio is going to be part of this cast we know it’s going to be great. It’s tough to watch him leave Voight’s team but having him running his own crew will be exciting. Also, it opens up a spot on Voight’s team which hopefully has Burgess’ name all over it. Having her working closely again with Ruzek might be what these two need to come back together. We can hope right? Episode grade: B

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