‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 9, episode 2 review: Kenya Moore, Sheree Whitfield continue house feud

RHOAOn the premiere episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 9 we had a chance to catch up with the ladies and what’s been going on in their lives. There have been some major changes from last season when it comes to houses, babies and divorces, but for the most part the ladies seem to be doing quite well and looking at the future in a positive light. Of course all good things must include a little drama and this week we are going to see the fall out from Porsha coming to Kenya’s housewarming party without a proper invitation from Kenya (although she did get one from Phaedra as her  “plus one”).

If you were hoping to see some fireworks between Kenya and Porsha you are likely to be disappointed. Kenya took Porsha aside and explained that because of their past, she wasn’t invited and Porsha calmly said she understood and left the party. No fighting, no pushing, no problems. Phaedra decided to stand by Porsha and left with her telling Porsha that she handled herself well and that her anger management is really helping. Sheree followed after the women and on their way out they saw Matt walking up to the house. Is there going to be another person bounced from Kenya’s party?

Matt asks for a moment to speak to Kenya and he starts the conversation off with a heartfelt apology. She tells him that she it’s hard for her to move forward because he’s supposed to be her protector and instead he scared her. Matt says that he would like the opportunity to show her that he can be that protector and that he will do what it takes to build that trust up again. She agrees to give him a chance to work on things and prove that he can turn it around and we are happy to hear that since we like Matt for Kenya.

The next day, Phaedra tells Kenya that Porsha has been in anger management and that Porsha is putting together an event to make amends with everyone and she has invited Kenya. Will Kenya go? She did decided to go and see how much Porsha really changed. Porsha decided to bring the ladies to an escape room to try to get everyone to work together as a team – and speaking of teams, Porsha put herself on a team with Kenya and Cynthia which we found to be a very cool decision since she’s had some pretty bad issues with both of these women. For some reason Kenya didn’t see what Porsha was doing, which was quite disappointing.

Of course this event can’t end without some drama. With Sheree throwing shade about Kenya’s house all over town, Kenya decides to talk to Sheree about it. Sheree calls Kenya out on her doing the same thing and what we can’t understand is why it matters who’s house is done first or how long it takes for everyone to get their houses done. Why is this a thing? No body but Sheree and Kenya care about this.

We can’t end this review without mentioning the progress on the Old Lady Gang restaurant. The restaurant is coming together slowly, but it was fun to see the gang being shown around. Even more so we loved seeing Mama Joyce getting a chance to do confessionals like a Real Housewife! We will also mention briefly that Peter finally called Cynthia’s lawyer and said that he will sign whatever she wants – we don’t want to dwell on this too much since this divorce is breaking our hearts, but it’s moving forward. Episode grade: B

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