‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 spoilers: Jamie, Eddie attend a wedding!

Blue Bloods season 7The seventh season of “Blue Bloods” may have started things out with business as usual (at least to a certain extent), we’re starting to get more and more of a feeling that things are about to be shaken up in a big way.

Based on some of the news that we shared recently, we’re going to be seeing Jamie and Eddie finally start to consider a future together romantically — which is something that there were many questions about for quite a long time. We are among the people rooting for the two to get together, and early indications suggest that it may be happening on the upcoming episode of the show airing Friday. If nothing else, they may explore their feelings more than they have before.

Moving beyond that episode, there could be some other news coming up in terms of the November 18 episode “Confessions.” The synopsis below holds the cards:

“Frank is left with minimal information to find a missing boy when a conflicted priest who could help won’t break the seal of confession. Also, Danny and Baez investigate the death of a prominent New York City socialite with a secret life, and Jamie and Eddie attend a wedding together.”

That’s right: We’re going to see these two characters at a wedding! Isn’t that romantic? If nothing else, it’s something that could be romantic for the two of them. We just hope that after all of this waiting, the show is not just yanking our chain, or getting us excited about something that could not happen. Nothing is of course guaranteed, but this is the sort of change that the show could use to differentiate itself now from where it was a couple of seasons ago.

(Photo: CBS.)

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