‘DWTS’ perfect scores, ‘Notorious’ star cries to avoid speeding tickets, Carol Burnett’s new book

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It’s Tuesday and fans of “Dancing With the Stars” and “The Voice” are still reflecting on the nail biting competition seen on Monday night. It appears this year, compared to other years, is different as the shows have matured quicker for a tougher competition and the performances are impressive. The high bar has pushed the competitors to do better on every level and the viewers are being rewarded with some amazing performances. No wonder why these shows continue to impress the fans!

‘DWTS’ perfect scores impress fans, tightens the competition

On Monday night, the perfect scores on “Dancing With the Stars” had fans impressed and surprised. This season they raised the bar quickly with a tight competition. On Showstoppers Week three of the couples got perfect scores when dancing to songs inspired by Broadway hits. Typically, this type of scoring revelation happens when there are fewer couples and later in the competition. Next week is going to be even tougher on the celebrities as they will need to be perfect again.

Carol Burnett shares behind the scene stories of “The Carol Burnett Show”

Carol Burnett is a TV legend who still can make America laugh. The popular star was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night pitching her new book “In Such Good Company.” Sharing stories about her TV show and the stars who made it possible, she explained how she did her research for the book. Wanting to remember some of the best moments, she started to watch all of the episodes of “The Carol Burnett Show” from the beginning. Reflecting on how the cast matured over the years, she admitted she was impressed how the show got better over the years. Her new book is now available at local bookstores. Or online at big retailers like Amazon.

Notorious’ star Piper Perabo reveals she cries her way out of speeding tickets

Next time you get pulled over for speeding, consider turning on the tears. On “The Late. Late Show with James Corden” Piper Perabo revealed that is exactly what she does to beat a speeding ticket. The star is known to be able to cry for any reason (a great skill for an actor,) but she shared with James Corden that her tears and explaining she is a television star has gotten her out of a few tickets too.

‘You’ve Got Mail’ guy didn’t make millions on his AOL voice?

Saw this amazing video about AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” guy and had to share. Way before email popped up on our phones, there was one voice that gave notice that we had mail on our computers. That voice belongs to Elwood Edwards and he was the sound bites we heard getting mail and using AOL. He didn’t make millions with the cool recording (like stars today would) and he’s just a normal guy. Instead, he has instant notoriety with his passengers as he is an Uber driver. However, I predict he probably will be famous again real soon. Someone in Hollywood will have him booked on a talk show within a week (he’s so cool it’s bound to happen.)

And finally… Gordon Ramsay turns 50

The popular British chef, Gordon Ramsay is celebrating his birthday today. It’s hard to believe the star from “Hell’s Kitchen” and “MasterChef” is turning 50! His career in front of the camera has viewers from around the world excited to try his food at one of his exquisite restaurants. (Photo: ABC.)

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