NBC’s ‘The Voice’ results: Did Darby Walker, Aaron Gibson, or Ali Caldwell advance on Team Miley?

Miley -Miley Cyrus seemed to be having a good time watching most of her team perform on “The Voice,” and we have to say that when it comes to entertainment we’ll take this a million ways to Sunday over watching someone act all super-serious over the weight of the decisions that she has to make.

As for some of the performances on the night, let’s get to our quick-takes below! As a reminder, we’ll be back with our specific take on the results here a little bit later in the night.

Sophia Urista – This didn’t really do a whole lot for us, unfortunately. Instead, it just felt really cheesy and not like anything we’ll remember in a day or two’s time. Ultimately, mass head-shaking to whoever encouraged her to sing this.

Darby Walker – Crazy, low, and wonderfully unique voice. There’s not anyone on this season quite like her, and should do her wonder if she makes it long enough in the competition. She’s a lock in our mind to be there.

Aaron Gibson – We’ve liked some of Aaron’s performances so much more than this, but we do still think that in terms of commercial appeal and talent, he should advance forward.

Belle Jewel – We’ve labeled her a darkhorse because we thought she was really appealing and unique without a lot of screen time; unfortunately, tonight we found her a little all over the place vocally.

Ali Caldwell – There were a few occasions in here where we started to think that this was a little too unwieldy, but we have to give Ali some serious credit for arguably bringing more into her performance here than anyone else on her team.

Results – America picked Aaron and Ali, while Miley chose to move forward with Darby. This was surprising only in that Darby needed her coach, and we had her pegged for the finale. As for losing Belle and Sophia here, that wasn’t a shock at all.

For coverage of the other teams and their results, be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: NBC.)

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