NBC’s ‘The Voice’ results: Did We McDonald, Christian Cuevas, Kylie Rothfield advance on Team Alicia?

Alicia -Tonight on “The Voice,” we’re going to be getting the opportunity to see a whopping twenty people perform over the course of the night! That’s crazy. The only thing that’s crazier is that we’re going to be seeing the results via real-time voting every step of the way.

We’re going to start off our piece tonight with Team Alicia Keys; these performances are going to be short, so our take on many of them will also be.

Christian Cuevas – He’s got a really good voice and has that sort of down-home charm that is really quite easy to root for! If there’s an issue with Christian, it’s that we don’t see any sort of spark. There’s nothing about him that suggests that he will win the show and make millions of dollars in record sales down the road.

Kylie Rothfield – Really love her doing the Rolling Stones! We’re not going to say that this performance would sell too well (we would’ve preferred a more original arrangement), but she’ll have plenty of fans.

We McDonald – She’s amazing, and she’s got a ton of screen time behind her. When you combine these two things, all signs point towards sticking around in the competition a little bit longer.

Josh Halverson – There’s something mysterious and artsy about Josh, and we think that’ll work well for him with voters. With this show, especially it pays to be unique. He’ll probably have a good shot at advancing.

Sa’Rayah – First reaction: THAT HAIR. That hair is worth getting through to the next round. We didn’t think she had a good chance of advancing tonight before this, but we’re starting to turn that around a little bit.

Results – America chose Christian and We, leading a “full” Alicia (that’s what she said about “living her truth through music”) to pick Sa’Rayah. We’re pretty darn devastated to be losing Kylie at this point.

For some more news on “The Voice” tonight, including other results on the night, be sure to head over here(Photo: NBC.)

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