‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 9 preview: The walls close in on Nathaniel Barnes

From the moment that we first learned that Michael Chiklis was cast on “Gotham,” it was easy to respond to that with various degrees of excitement; however, at the same time there was also this enormous pit in our stomach that came along with it, knowing that we would more than likely have a situation that unfolded eventually where something terrible happened to the character. It’s just the sort of thing that tends to happen on this show fairly often, and with an actor of this caliber, you don’t tend to bring him on just so that he can remain in the role permanently of a police captain. Eventually, some other crazy stuff is going to transpire with him.

Now, he’s starting to become completely victimized because of Alice’s blood, and is a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde sort of monster who is not always in control of his actions. Will this cause some further problems for him in the future? You better believe it, and with that we present some details on “Mad City: The Executioner,” which is the next new episode of the show coming in one week’s time.

Synopsis – “Gordon and Bullock become suspicious of Barnes, and comb through evidence of the murder at Lee and Mario’s engagement party. Nygma goes to Penguin when he hasn’t heard from Isabella (guest star Chelsea Spack). Meanwhile, Ivy reveals her identity to Selina and Bruce, but quickly leads them to trouble.”

Finally, the Ivy story is getting somewhere! Other than Barnes’ transformation and the investigation into what he is doing, this is the part of this episode that most intrigues us largely because it’s taken so long to get there. We’re not entirely sure even still what to make of how the show’s handling Ivy, other than that we really want to feel like it was worth all the trouble.

Promo – Will Gordon really kill Barnes? The show really wants you to think that this is a possibility. For us, this is far too early, especially if you do want this character to eventually become Solomon Grundy as some people have suggested he should.

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